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Transfer paper for fabric with This Cool Tutorial

Learning on transfer paper for fabric with this unique tutorial! You’ll use Mod smorgasbord of photo transfer medium and this simple process. SO cool!
Hello, Hello again . . . It’s Heather craft + Tell! Today is so exciting for many reasons, one of which is that I for the first time, my brand-spankin’ new blog today! If you’re in the DIY, crafts and Home Decor, be sure to hop on over to my blog to all of my fun projects.
Well, maybe I've lived under a rock for a while, but I just found out about Mod-patchwork photo Transfer. Have you heard of it — or it is used to transfer an image? You can use it to transfer paper to fabric!
I was amazed when I tried the first time and can’t I think didn’t make my bridesmaids one of these bags for my wedding. As always, it’s not my style to have a bag to carry, with a current photo.
can rock Some people, but not me. I was in the craft the other day and I saw some beautiful scrapbook paper.
I remembered I wanted to try the photo transfer with Mod conglomeration, and in front of my eyes, the scrapbook paper on my pocket!
So, I’m give you the low-down today, and want you to know in advance how easy this is, — you can do it!
Transfer paper on fabric
Here’s what you’ll need to this photo/Scrapbook paper Image Transfer Bag:

Each bag, I recommend a light color
Mod patchwork photo Transfer
foam brush
Scrapbook paper

cut If you’re using scrapbook paper like I do, the Form the you want to. I went with a heart because it’s simple and cute at the same time.
Continue with your Mod hodgepodge Transfer of photos, generously “paint” the solution is on your paper (pretty side up) with a foam brush. Quickly, place it face down on the surface of the tissue. Let it dry overnight.
Then happens the magic! Grab a sponge and a small glass of water. Once your sponge is too wet, RUB over the paper in gentle, small circles. Paper start to disappear front of your eyes, and a beautiful image! Ta-Da! She's just a bag with very little effort.
I have to say, I did this DIY with very thin letters, and it’t work, as I had hoped. I think don’t, I have enough photo-transfer and the letters were too thin.
So, what do you think? Could you impress the transfer paper for fabric in a project, a crowd of people?
I would like to see your projects with Mod patchwork photo Transfer! Be sure to tag me on social media and I’ll share it on my feed!
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