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Top-10-Mod-Hodgepodge Arts And Crafts Of All Time - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

This is the top-10-Mod-hodgepodge craft Mod conglomeration of rocks, a blog all about the decoupage – the most popular after 10 years of blog views!

I’ve created this blog for over eight years. Can you believe it? Over eight years of Mod-patchwork and crafts for your viewing pleasure . . . and my craft pleasure as well.If you’re new to the site, or even a long-time reader, you may ask, what are the top decoupage crafts of all times. Before I jump into these projects, I want to make sure you will find them in the following posts:Learn How to Mod PodgeSeven steps to Perfect Mod PodgingMod hodgepodge formula Guide101 Mod conglomeration UsedWherever you are in your Mod hodgepodge, travel, I want to make sure you have the right resources before you dive in!Let’s look from the crafts.Mod hodgepodge of craft ideasI’m excited that the list with you today! I’m with the Countdown of the top projects (by views) from the past, starting with #10. I can wait’t to hear which are your favorites.
This Easter egg garland is attached, is 100,000 times! It could be Easter related, but you can use the same procedure to a General party garland. Pin it here. Everyone loves Mod patchwork coasters. These were with photos as a gift for grandpa – so cute! If you think that you *always*, coasters, I recommend that you pin you are here. Yes, you can make a vase from a PVC pipe. Isn’t that cool? David made it for the mother’s Day – customize it for any occasion. Pin it here. Mod smorgasbord is not just for decoupage! You can use it, and the glass is liable as well. This is a fun for adults or children. Pin it here. This egg-carton-type is another one that’s a lot – has been pinned; than 130,000 times! You pull the egg carton out of the trash and the children are making! Pin it here. These baseball bookends perfect for a child’ room, a hobby room, or a gift for Father’s day. Pin you are here. for More information about how to transfer photos on wood, in three easy steps! All you need for this photo transfer to wood is your favorite image and medium. It’s easy! Photo transfers are my favorites. Pin it here. Have you ever worked in screen printing with Mod smorgasbord? It’s really easy and fun. I made this tutorial almost seven years ago – wow! It’s still one of my favorites. Pin it here. Are you ready to organize? You can do it with this Recycling craft organizer – I have a lot of cereal boxes and toilet paper tubes! You fit in with the colors of your choice. Pin it here.Are you ready for the #1 Mod-hodgepodge crafts of all times?? It’s comic book coasters! And because David is a super-genius, he made you with plug-in covers! Everyone loves comic book projects, and I hope that you do too. Pin you are here. Now that you’ve the top-10-Mod-hodgepodge of craft seen above, to check I’d love for you all, the rest of the craft, we have on the site. You can see HERE! Like Mod Podging . . .

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