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Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts: tree-Plaque - Mod-hodgepodge rock

If you’re looking for toilet paper roll Christmas crafts the kids will love the tree plaque is one of our favorites! Easy and fun to use.

I’m roles a big fan of crafts with toilet paper. I know don’t, if you saw my Desk organizer? I feel very accomplished when I TP rolls in my crafts, I think, because it can be difficult to think, what to do with them.
This idea actually fell out on my table, because I saved a bunch of toilet had rolls of paper and then spilled out of a cereal box, in a sort of tree shape. I had thought about toilet paper roll Christmas crafts I could do, so I thought to myself, “a child would love a Christmas tree decoration out of this.”
The truth is, this is a really fun, holiday crafts for parents and children to do. Especially if the children are younger, you’ll need a little help. Older children will probably want to make this on your own and choose your own colors.
But enough chit-chat, because I’m excited to share . . . here’s, as in this case, children's craft making.
toilet paper roll Christmas craft
they Collect Supplies

wooden plaque
toilet paper rolls
Apple Barrel in color – Light Magenta, Clear, Pink, Pool Blue, Regency Blue, White
Mod hotchpotch
painter’ Glitter); s Band
craft glue

Start base coating the panel with Clear. I love this name for a paint color, BTW. You let this dry until it’s really dry.
During the plaque, allow to dry, cut your tp roll in various lengths. You want three for the tree above, and then one for the tree base. I just eyeballed it. Paint the three larger rolls with White and the tree base with Light Magenta.
This is the part that older children can handle, but you could help the boys. Make strip on the back of the plaque with painter’s tape and then paint over the top with the Blue Pool. Remove the painter ’s tape immediately after painting.
Here’s your badge to remove the painter’s Band. Let it air dry . . . and then color of bright pink around the edge. You allow it to dry.
Stick to your tp down, rolls out to a tree with the craft glue.
Then use your colors (also, the add, you haven’t used it yet), points to the “tree.” to use Just the end of the brush to make it. You don’t have to.
color of the plaque with Sparkle Mod smorgasbord. You can! paint the tree – it’s up to you I painted the whole thing.
Hanging and you can admire its toilet-paper craft. Or your children’s toilet-paper craft. You know, whatever. Happy Holidays!
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