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To Use 20+ Unique manner, fabric Mod smorgasbord

Have you asked yourself what you can do with fabric Mod smorgasbord? Here are about 20 projects, ranging from fashion to gifts to home decor!are br>Check out the ideas, then scroll to the bottom of the post to see a video of three bonus ideas that come from the use of this amazing formula.

I was falling asleep looking through my Analytics the other day (don’t yet) and I noticed that many of you are curious about something – you want to know how you with fabric Mod hodgepodge, aka, Mod patchwork fabric formula. You know, the stuff in the blue bottle:
Since I like to keep everyone happy, here are over 20 ways to use this amazing formula! A lot of people think it’s only for the attachment of fabric to fabric, but you can so much more with him. I use it to prepare fabric for furniture, to fasten, fabric, wood, accessories, shoes, and more!
If you still have fabric to attach to fabric with this formula, then it’washable s (as long as the fabric is washable), this is pretty amazing. And if you set material to something else, this formula is very durable (more so that the original formulas). Let me know what you think, and I have to ask – the fabric is Mod hodgepodge project will you try first?
20+ craft with fabric Mod hotchpotch
1. No-Sew-tank
Sometimes it’s not nice, to to with a sewing machine – Courtney, this budget-covered shelves, without a.
2. Fat Quarter nursery wall art
Courtney used the fat to make quarters, these simple and colorful wall art for your baby’s nursery. This is a large project with the scrap!
3. Gingham tool Set
Make your tool set a bit more feminine and/or personalized by adding strips of fabric in gingham. I recommend an additional sealing, if you try these tools more durable.
4. Change a Cowboy hat
Revamp a fun cowboy hat with a large flower patch – and fuel Mod smorgasbord. This is another fun project to make with the scrap!
5. DIY fabric bowls
use fabric to create a strip to hold the durable shells, candy and other props.
6. Car upholstery
Ready to give your car a new life? Add fabric to the sides and up. You’ll surely have the most unique car on the block!
7. Beach Themed Decoupage Dead
the Use of Magnum PI to embellish the style of the beach-y substance, only the dead. You can strips of random fabric, or make a “image” style to go together, as we have done here.
8. DIY Onesies
Rotate baby's onesies into a girl’s Cabinet with fabric Mod patchwork and scraps. What a great way to extend the life of baby clothing.
9. DIY screen printing with Mod-hodgepodge
to Use to create fabric Mod hodgepodge, screens – and you are doing your own DIY screen printing! You’re going to be shocked when you realize how easy it is to use and what you’re going as part of the process.
10. Fabric Covered sneakers
you only need a few supplies and some fabric Mod smorgasbord, to a custom pair of sneakers! Cathie's probably best to add fabric shoes of someone I know, so you’ll definitely want to see your tutorial.
11. Fabric pendants with rubber stamp
you can use this cute pendant with any of your favorite brands. I think it's awesome that a stamp was turned into jewelry! You’re going to love this idea.
12. Lampshade Makeover
It’s just a plain lampshade with fabric! You can do this with regular Mod-hodgepodge, but fabric Mod hodgepodge makes it much more durable.
13. Butterfly pillow
you can personalize a fabric applique to the pillow before each level. This is one of my favorite to use possibilities of fabric and conglomeration!
14. Renovated kitchen canisters
Debbie made these old kitchen canisters extra-durable with spray-paint, fabric and fabric Mod smorgasbord.
15. Fabric Lined drawers
you Use to create a Mod collection and your favorite fabric pattern, this unique fabric lined drawers – I love the special surprise every time when you open!
16. Simple bird decor
Don’t be afraid, put a bird on it! You make a teeny bird from burlap – and then you can add cute embellishments with fabric Mod smorgasbord.
17. Fabric Covered hat boxes
If you want to, pretty storage, these decoupaged and stenciled hat boxes are perfect. Such a nice storage for things that you have in your closet or craft room!
18. Fall/Thanksgiving placemats
you Add interesting details to the boring placemats with a strip of cloth, burlap, and buttons. You can customize this so that you can use, from September to November.
19. Carpets in a runner
Clara sewn together several IKEA rugs and added accents with fabric Mod smorgasbord to your custom runner.
20. Upcycle-table
I used cloth smorgasbord for the preparation of the cute owl fabric that I have on the top of an old table. This made it much easier to cut and you finish the project.
21. DIY Vintage Floral purse new
make Use of a vintage sheet and decoupage medium, this fabulous handbag new design – it’s such a simple craft project, and very budget-friendly!
Are you ready to see a video with three bonus projects?? Simply press “play” below.

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