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To Get Three Hostess Gifts, You Are Invited Again!

Make sure that you get invited to make in the next year with one of these three DIY hostess gifts – all of them are really easy!

Today we will talk hostess gifts! Oh, and DIY it. If you enjoy it, hostess gifts, these contributions for you.
this month, as part of my Michael makers monthly challenge, I was tasked with creating three simple hostess gift ideas, invited them every year again! I’m to be honest . . . these were really fun to make. I actually love it, to personalize hostess gifts and love to the recipient! My three ideas were snowmen cocoa kits, craft, gift, glass, and cut out the magnets.
These little snowmen are perfect for the person who likes to immerse yourself in a little hot cocoa and marshmallow goodness! Get the tutorial here.
This Mod conglomeration of magnets are SO easy to make – and you can use scrap paper! Get the tutorial here.
I was this crafty/colorful gift jar, for a friend who loves, is always creative. It has various embroidery supplies in it for crafty fun along with socks, gloves, etc. and buttons. Get the tutorial here.
I hope you’ll come back over the next couple of days and you will see the tutorials!

Unique Snowman Craft: Epsom Salt Votive
Decoupage "SIP& quot; DIY-canvas-art
Halloween Wall Decor: Typography Plaque - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock