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Tissue Paper Watercolor Mugs - Mod Conglomeration Of Rocks

to be Honest, I haven’t had a chance to use the dishwasher use Safe Mod-hodgepodge still. I know, *gasp!* I have planned several projects, and you are on the list, in the near future!
Despite my slacking, I realize that I have to do tissue-paper – and I have a cups – could do I actually, this project this afternoon. And you can, too!
I love the way Jenni uses to make torn fabric, watercolor effect, and the results could be’t better. If you’re looking for easy afternoon project this is it.
Tissue paper watercolor mug I Spy DIY
For a different version of a mug with dishwasher-proof Mod hodgepodge, visit the Cathedral’s DIY glitter mug.

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