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Tissue Paper Mason Jar Cutlery

You make mason jar centerpieces from recycled glasses – the use of tissue paper and Mod-hodgepodge! You grab items from your stash to make this project completely free of charge.

I’m Aimee from fancy Little things pleased to share a guest today, your beautiful tissue paper mason jar centerpieces. They are simple and pretty – and I love the addition of the stamps.
; ll let you share the tutorial with you. As soon as you see it, you’re going to try, these lanterns immediately!

So, let's get right to it . . . last October was a dear little project in BH and G magazine, the the glasses in jack-o-lanterns by adding tissue paper and a couple of funny faces. For some, this might be a perfect addition to your Halloween decor – but for me, it this inspired.
This mason jar centerpiece adorn my table and I couldn't be more excited to share this simple project with you at the moment!

Mason Jar centerpieces
Collect This

Supplies used in The glasses {I, applesauce, jelly, salsa and jam jars}
Tissue paper {new or recycled}
Mod hodgepodge gloss
rubber stamp and ink (under this article to see what inks work well with Mod hodgepodge and don’t smear!)

step 1: Cut your tissue paper to wrap the size of your first jar . . . and in my case, I stamped a few green designs.
step 2: Using a brush, cover the glass with a thin layer of Mod collection and begin wrapping the pre-cut the paper to the glass.
step 3: Keep your brush full of Mod smorgasbord and start to "paint" the glue, as you ensure compliance of the paper-that the paper is totally wet, as the packaging . . .
step 4: Leave the glass to dry completely, while you on your next one!
step 5: Repeat . . . the second time I have the whole jar covered in simple white paper and then a slogan on the front.
step 6: I have a little bit of the white loop around the top of each glass to finish them off – they will be colour creative with your ribbon. This tissue paper mason jar centerpieces would be perfect for a wedding or party!
So, each time you decide to wash out a glass to recycle this week, if you can fit a tealight or a small candle inside — if so, grab some tissue paper and brush on the glue and make your own mason jar centerpieces. I dare you to be creative!
Don’t forget to visit Aimee at her blog fancy Little things – also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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