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Tips for the Perfect floral Arrangements Every Time - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Flower arrangements’t the easiest way, if you aren’t a professional, here are my tips that I learned in a class to practice with faux flowers!
I never expected that I would love faux flowers. But welcome to the new me in 2016 people – I LOVE faux flowers! You have come a long way in the last couple of years, and it’s possible, beautiful flower arrangements, silk stems, as well as other types of faux flowers.
Well – NOW it’s possible for me. Since I have a free trial class at Michaels! Did you know that Michaels offers free classes in their stores? You can try a new craft skills only for the cost of the supply. And that’s exactly what I did recently, and I’m excited to share what I learned with you.
Because I’m the first person to admit when I don’t know anything, and I love the school. Yes – Michael's classes are perfect for me. Especially the free part!!!! They aren’t all free . . . but was this one.
I was the first to arrive in class on the day of my class, and I was able to print the supply list in advance. We are actually in the class of touring the floral Department of Michael's and the purchase of our supplies began.
We were able to customize the colors of our arrangements, other than the curriculum, if we wanted it – so I decided to go with pink.
First of all, I’ I;ll share the supply list with you, and then I’ll have to show how you I the basket – them with the tips I learned, for the production of perfect flower arrangements in my steps! The making flower arrangements is thought way easier than I can.
tips for flower arrangements
Collect These Supplies

wood, bucket
Green floral foam ball
wire cutters
Faux flower in the Michael's floral section:

peony (choose two)
Dahlia (I took two pink and one white)
Pom Berry Bush
Ranunculus (choose two)

wooden letter
acrylic paint
paint brush
hot gun

adhesive may think So as you probably, you’ll find a vessel for your flowers (my bucket must). You’ll also use the so-called “floral foam must.” This is a bad soft quality that your flowers are going to keep stick – and it is the stems upright.
I don’t know what it’s from, but it’s magical, and it feels weird. Remove the plastic wrap and put them in your ship. If you are heavy flowers, there’s a bit of a floral tone that you can buy. I’m not sure if it’s like magic floral foam but . . . it will work with.
tip: you can cut the floral foam if it will fit doesn’t. You can even use some of the pieces in a container. You don’t want to cut it into two small, because it will decay with time, but a couple of the stones is cut in order.
Start with a base. Now – I’ve seen this happen in both directions. I’ve the “ seen;in front of” say, start with a green leaf-y Basis and around the building. Our teacher, around suggested, starting with the largest flower and the buildings around him, which actually worked best for me.
The best bouquets don’t have tons of knockout flowers. You only have a few other flowers, accent. I decided my knockout flowers were a couple of Dahlia – that is a good point of contact.
And that’s what I built. I need didn’t to be directly in the center, but it was definitely in the front, and it’s where I started.
you’ll use wire cutters to remove the length from the stem cells of your flowers. DON’T you cut all the same length. You want the variation in the height to a little bit of interest.
When in doubt, clip off a bit of the stem at a time and stick them in the floral foam – then clip off more if the flower is still too long. You can keep cutting down, but you can’t reset the master.
Before you hold the stick all of your flowers in floral foam in your hand and move around. To get an idea of how they flow together. Experiment before you commit!
Well, if you have the stick in the floral foam – you can pull it out and plug it back in again. But before the 1,000 holes in your floral foam, at least a General idea of the “feel” of her bouquet.
around and Start moving stuff in hand and see what floats your boat. I did this with my largest flower first and then a few smaller ones. I didn'T add the berries or pom-pom-green – yet.
Once you are a little happy about what you have in your hand, begin to stick the faux flowers in your floral foam. Remember – trimming if you need to. You don’t want a perfect ball of flowers!!!
Use the pom-pom-flowers and berries-strands, the holes to fill in. Observe your arrangement from all angles. Cut strands of the pom-pom flowers and a single berry, and stick them in the floral foam.
Customize it how you want, and turn the other flowers to help them cover areas if you need. Stand back and observe your arrangement and see what needs to be added.
tip: your arrangement is a ass – has done to me. Since I was going to be too hot before sticking it to a letter, I knew I’d have a back. I have the berries and pom-pom-flowers-Art-stick like a peacock's tail fan.
another tip: flowers-moss is, if you have areas you’ll still like cover, are visible in your arrangement.
you’t be able to see floral foam Should . . . but if you can, you can buy more flowers OR you can buy floral moss and cover the magic foam.
As a finishing touch, paint the letters in the color of your choice. Let them dry and then use to attach the hot glue to the front of the wooden bucket. You’re done!
Floral arrangements are a LOT easier than I thought! If you aren’t be afraid to experiment – you can do this. And if you are a type A, try to let go a little and play. If you try to control it, I think it will be much more difficult.
I’ll leave you with the project – but also with the last message, I have in the Michaels classroom and have really loved it.
What are your favorite tips for arranging flowers? To know I’d love in the comments!
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