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Three Duck Tape Graduation Crafts

Learn these three graduation crafts with Duck Tape! You’ll make it a package Bug, money holder (with template), and banners. SO easy!
I’m so old, I don't remember much Promotion. Haha! In fact, I remember my master’s degree classification is quite clear. It was nine years ago, and since I didn’t to my college-Student-in ceremony, I was finally able to wear the cap and gown and go through the whole experience.
graduations are exciting milestones and deserve a little celebration!
That’s why I’ve together, these Duck Tape graduation crafts. I mean, look at this roll of Duck Tape with the metallic gold stars . . . it is not perfect??
I saw it and thought that it was the right choice for the graduation craft . . . and each party to craft really. I’m going to show you how to put three things: a money-card-holder (with a free template available), a banner and a bow for packages.
All three of Duck Tape craft ideas are REALLY simple. Anyone can make!

Collect Easy Graduation crafts
it Supplies

Duck Tape – Metallic Gold Stars
Craft knife and Mat

For the bow:

Kraft paper
craft glue or hot glue gun

For the banner:

Baker’s twine.

For the money-holder:

- money holder template
Double stick tape

Have you ever made a Duck Tape banner? They are so easy. Here are the supplies you will need’ll have.
Just a piece of Duck Tape, 12″ long, on your craft Mat or a non-stick surface. You’ll overlap three pieces in the same way. If you go a little further than 12″, use your craft knife and ruler to cut it.
peel off the tape and switch it on. Cut a piece of baker’s twine the length of your entire banner and, starting at one end (leave a little baker’s twine for hanging), you put your baker’s-twist in the middle of the Duck Tape.
Folk Duck Tape in half on the baker’s twine.
fold the banner in half and cut the corner, as shown, from the inside fold. Unfold and your banner piece is finished! Repeat this for as many banner pieces as you want to.
your Duck Tape banner is ready . . . and it can be used again, too! Love that you can save and use it again for another party.
Now on the Duck Tape bow-topper!
measure your gift, and then cut a piece of Duck tape twice the length. Smooth down on a piece of wrapping paper and cut both sides.
Find the middle of the tape and fold the both sides as shown. Place glue in the middle, fold the two tabs.
Cut 5.5 – 6″ piece of Duck Tape and smooth down on kraft paper. You cut down the sides. Fold over the top of the arch in the middle and glue to itself in the back.
Using the duck-tape to wrap your package.
Wrap the entire package and then the bow on the top with a little glue! You’re going to want to accompany the money-owner, your gift, right?
Download the money envelope template here. Print full size.
you’ll cut out and assemble the envelope according to the instructions. (with double-sided tape). To cover it’s easy-peasy gift card holder with Duck Tape. Do the outside and cut the front side and cutting, then cover the lid, and cut!
And now you have three fun Duck Tape graduation crafts!!! To go you don’t have to Tape pattern, either – with this Duck; choose something that would love the graduate. Why don't you go for something like bacon, gummy bears, or cats? You can see all the fun patterns available here!!!

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