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Thread Wrapped DIY bracelet

If you love ombre and shades of blue, check out this tutorial for a DIY bracelet from Rachel. It’s so easy even a child can do it!

Hello, it’s Rachel from lines Across. Today I’m sharing have-a fun and simple ombre DIY bracelet that can be made, complete with scrap metal and cloth Mod smorgasbord.
I have a special love for shades of blue, and I really love how the blue ombre bracelet turned out.
But fun, too, to create more of a color blocking look with bright colors or even stripes of only two colors. (P. S. Here is a tutorial for the woven suede bracelet in the picture.)
thread DIY bracelet
What you need:

embroidery thread (I have 7 different shades of blue)
rope (I used some very soft white “rope” in the trim section of craft store)
fabric Mod hotchpotch

What you do:
1. Tie a knot at the end of the rope. The type of trim I was using frayed very easily. Then you measure how long you want your bracelet to be (without the extra space for the loop on the other end) and cut.
2. Add some fabric Mod smorgasbord to the end that you just cut to keep it from fraying. Also, you trim the end of your knot, and cover it with Mod-smorgasbord, as well.
3. To loop the other end and use to create fabric Mod hodgepodge of a loop. Make sure that the loop is slightly larger than a node, but not much bigger. Packing some white embroidery thread to the base of the loop for support. Wrap the thread with fabric Mod smorgasbord.
4. Decide what colors you want to use, and with slight marks on the bracelet where you want each new section to start and stop. Now dab, fabric Mod conglomeration on top of the bracelet, where the packaging. You want to make sure that all of your is thread-safe, but if you have to much Mod-hodgepodge, it will show easily on darker colors. There is no need to tie knots or something, make sure that both ends of each section of the embroidery-thread-safe with decoupage technique.
5. You cut the thread when you are ready to start a new color, and start wrapping the new color right where you left off. You may need to add a small dap of Mod-hodgepodge, in order to ensure that the ends of the DIY bracelet don’t stick.
6. They go with any color, and then wrap the bracelet around something round (I used the Mod-hodgepodge-bottle) so that it dries in the correct shape.
These DIY bracelets are fun to make, and the colorful possibilities are endless. The best part is that you could make it entirely from fabric and thread scraps that you saved’ve from other projects.
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