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This beach Fairy Garden is a Mini oasis

Create your own beach fairy garden and bring a sense of seaside magic to your home or outdoor space. To make it’s so easy together!

Happy (almost) summer, my friends! Do you have any gnarly waves lately on the board? Probably not – neither have I. But a girl on the beach, can’ dream;t you? If you can’t get to the beach quite yet, you can at least have a summer-themed fairy garden as part of your seasonal decoration.I have all my goodies at Michaels! I must admit, when I saw that Michael's had deliveries to a beach, a garden fairy, I literally squealed in the aisle. Other buyers may or may not have heard me . . . but how could I help myself?I mean, a gnome wearing a beach ball – and a gnome-size Vanagon with a surf Board on top of it? There are so many cute accessories that I just couldn’t help themselves. I’ll be viewing this beach fairy garden for the whole summer.
Whether you’re looking for fun decor, activities for your children or cute party accessories, Michaels has everything you need to MAKE summer fun!Now I’them to say that m willing to the supplies I used to make this sandy, summer-y gnome garden.Fairy garden with a beach-themeCollect These Suppliesminiature Half-Barrel Of celebrations™with bubble wrap or other fillerDuck tape, celebrate It™ Fairy Garden Sand fillers – Blue-Glitter, glass, and Blue marble miniature surf Board VanGnome with life-saver and Gnome with beach ball sitting mermaid palm treesAny and other fairy garden accessories, you will love – characters, drink, kegs, or coolers, the animals for the ocean! There are no instructions, to the compilation of a fairy garden per se . . . but I'll give you a secret tip. Glue the inner side of the half-barrel with Duck Tape before you put something in it. Lesson learned, I saw, as the sand of the bottom pouring grate through the crossbar.Then, once you’ve taped up the bottom, add something like bubble wrap or paper to your sand and glitter glass on the top. So you just have to purchase a container of each . . . as it would take to fill a LOT of containers, up to half of my barrel! see, It’s just how I imagined the sand, glitter glass, and glass beads were crushed. I was just in the middle of the elements in place. This little guy has to go willing to its delicious beverage too. And this pretty mermaid, enjoy the surf, waiting to guide the ships.
It’to decide a hard case, what the piece is my favorite, but I love the car. Who wouldn’t?? Now don’t want to be a beach fairy garden for your summer decor? You know you do!

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