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They make a travel-themed-Vintage-wardrobe

Learning to be a wooden wardrobe from a Board and a few small plaques. This vintage coat rack used, travel-themes-graphics – so much fun!

Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road.
If you’ve followed my other projects or visit my Etsy shop or blog, you know I’m the vintage type. I’ve been collecting vintage graphics since I was a kid (a weird kid, of course) and I’m always trying to find new ways to use them.
Vintage Luggage tags from hotels and airlines, are some of my favorites. The graphics are amazing, and I thought it would be fun to have a couple in my latest project. It’s a very cheap, easy, super-wood-wardrobe-bar with a vintage travel theme.
(The luggage tags of graphics, I’m with from my collection, but find great, very cheap versions of instant digital download on Etsy.)

DIY Vintage Coat Rack
Collect This

1 x 6 Powered a prerequisite for the supporters (I cut mine for 22″ long)
3 small wooden plaques from Michael's
Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
White to Tinker and paint
3 hangers
Luggage tag, graphics (printed in reverse on a laser printer)

Also, but not shown

drill and drill bits
sandpaper and/or electric sander
- Different screws
hanger (for the back)
antique glaze (last minute idea – not absolutely necessary)
Matt Mod hotchpotch
White spray paint (optional)

After painting are white, all the wood elements (soft plaques) and dry, I sanded all the edges for a slightly distressed look. I also have some white spray paint on the hangers, the same way you wouldn’t look as “new.”
I used photo Transfer Medium, the images on the plaques, because it gives you a very natural, easily distressed or antique appearance, which was exactly what I wanted.
Use the transfer, you need the images to print in reverse. (You can do this program easily in any graphics. If you’re bar to go with MS Word, you simply use the graphic formatting tool and select “flip horizontal.”)
I cut the reverse - printed-Luggage-tag graphics and put a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge-Transfer formula for both the badge and the face of the print-out.
I used my Finger out, smoothing the paper, and then wiped Transfer the excess Mod conglomeration, the pressed out (it’s a lot easier to wipe off the excess now, than to wait until it has dried – don’t ask me how I know) and set them aside over night.
In the morning, with a damp cloth I rubbed away the paper to reveal, to dry the graphics and as soon as they had a little time to, I fortified it with Matte Mod-smorgasbord just for the durability.
installation was easy. After marking where I wanted the plaques to go, I Drill attached to the pilot holes through the soft Board and screws from the back of the plaques.
I have the hanger (and only used a DAB of paint on the screw heads, so that they mixed better) and the attached hanger on the back of my wooden wardrobe.
At this point I decided the whole thing had to only be tortured a bit more, so I brushed on some Antiquing glaze (I found mine in the paint section at Lowe’s, but there are tons of options out there in craft stores).
I used, if fairly frugal – just something to give it depth and age.
And that’s: that was all.
fun, easy, wooden wardrobe, which makes me look like a in the exciting world travellers . . . I'm not it.
If you’re a fellow fan of all things vintage-y, please check my Etsy shop and my blog: Cheltenham Road, where I’m always working on new projects.
thanks very much!

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