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These DIY sandals, for a cost of Zero dollars to Make

These DIY sandals are so easy to make with a Mod collection and scraps of fabric – and since I have scraps already have the fabric on hand, the price was $0.

Hello, everyone! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life, and I'm back today to share a Mod hodgepodge sandal project with you today!
I've been wanting to try the fabric Mod hodgepodge for a while now. I'm definitely a vintage fabric lover. One of my favorite things in the whole world is vintage flour sack cotton-print-fabrics.
I have to throw away tons of scrap and hatred, even the smallest scraps of them, because they are so beautiful! So, I have my small scraps in a sandwich bag in the hope to find a use for them some day.
And guess what happens, you can sandals with small scraps to make patchwork wrapped-style fabric strap! My little scrap after it was hoarding not crazy, all of you.
DIY sandals with scrap fabric
Here’s What you Need:

Old sandals
fabric scraps of your choice
Mod patchwork fabric
Small paint brush
fabric glue
felt (optional)

First clean your sandals, make sure there is no gunk on it. Gather your scraps, scissors, and Mod-hodgepodge. Take a cutlet and cut it on a bracelet for about a quarter of an inch wide.
Test wrap strap the strips around your sandal. Cut the strip so that it wraps almost all the way around the sandal strap. It overlaps in the back, if you want to.

Paint a little Mod-patchwork fabric medium to your sandals where you want to begin to wrap your strips. I started in the middle on each sandal, and worked my way to the back on each side.

color a little medium on the back side of your fabric strip. Then wrap the fabric around the sandal straps, where they painted the medium.
you are Smoothing the fabric on the front of the belt and then to the back. You may need a little additional funds to the second end of the scrap, when the first end overlaps.

A little paint medium next to the first strip and then on the back of the second volume. Wrap the strip like the first. Continue to cut and stripe wrap next to each other, the stick all the way in your belts, you down with the Mod-the hodgepodge of material.
Let the sandals dry them thoroughly. As soon as the scrap strips are dried, you can apply a layer of Mod-hodgepodge of fabric paint over the top of the straps. Let dry completely.

finally, glue on some buttons or bows on the toe area with a DAB of fabric glue.

True’t fun! I get so many compliments when I wear these cuties! I had sandals, an Explosion of make my DIY.
part of the fun is to see how they come together with each piece that you add. I was able to resist’t, my vintage scraps, but you can use the same procedure, with any cotton fabric of your choice.
really fit the sandals to your own style with prints and color combos that you use. Small-scale prints show the best, but some of the larger prints can also be fun. I hope you all will try it.
I think you’love ll too! If you would all like to see more of my work you can see me<'ll find on my blog My so Called Crafty life here.br>

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