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The Simple way to make a Clothespin wreath mirror

This is one of the easiest decoupage, you’ Tinker;ll ever do – learn how to make a clothespin wreath mirror with a Mod collection and your favorite papers.

I needed a few clothespins for a project once. The thing about clothespins is that you have to pull two out of the bag, and then you have a whole bag of clothespins. Since I don’t scrub my Laundry in a washing tub outside (though that could be kind of cool), I have no use for you, except for arts and crafts. I decided to buy a small mirror and do something – a clothespin mirror.
This clothespin mirror is really, really easy, and ideal for those of you who have never used Mod smorgasbord. Of course, you can customize with all the papers that you like, and change the clothespins for each season of the year, you can even front and back with two different designs!). Learn how to do it below.
Earn How to make a Clothespin mirror

Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
wood clothespins – enough the line of the circumference of the mirror
Scrapbook paper in coordinating patterns
ribbon in coordinating colors
Craft knife and Mat
pen or pencil
craft glue

The first step is the measurement of the length of the clothespins (about 3 inches-ish) and cut a strip of paper wide.
to measure Then you’ll find, and cut scrapbook paper to the width of the clothespins. I have to cut four sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper, craft knife and Mat 48 strips to fit my clothespins. Cut the strips can be tedious, but it’s not hard.
Mod conglomeration of all of the paper strips to the clothespins. Add a medium layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the clothespin with the paintbrush, smooth the paper down and repeat. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
Do this with all 48 clothespins. Add a top layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the top of each clothespin. Let dry.
Now, this is an extra step, but it makes the clothespins shiny and look like they are enamel on the top, so I like it. Add Mod hodgepodge of Dimensional Magic to the top of each clothespin and allow to drylet.br> space the clothespins from want evenly around the mirror, gluing or clamping in place, if you change it. Glue a piece of coordinating ribbon to the back of the clothespin mirror as a hanger. You can also use a couple of Command strips, if you want to don’t use the ribbon.
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