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The Simple Glitter Bangle, The'll Get compliments

If you love glitter and bracelets that you will love, this is the project for you. This colorblocked glitter bangle is so easy to make with Mod-hodgepodge!
Hi all! Heidi from hands Occupied here. This simple bracelet was created with a 25-cent thrift store bracelet and something that I have been flogged, to go to an upcoming conference outfit.
I had to find a hard time in a beautiful metallic bracelet, and it was a super cheap and simple solution for my problem.
DIY Glitter Bangle

Mod hodgepodge Matt
thrift store bangle bracelet
painter’s Band
extra fine gold glitter
left extra fine silver glitter
sponge paint brush
paper towel (optional)
Mod conglomeration of acrylic sealant (optional)

Clean and dry your bracelet before you start. Then, stick some painter’s tape diagonally on your bracelet to two points – you don’t have to be exactly parallel to each other, unless you want to be. Press the Band, so there are no openings along the edge of the tape.
Paint Mod smorgasbord on one half of the bracelet, right up to the edge of the tape.
Sprinkle a good amount of extra fine glitter onto the wet Mod conglomeration, and use it to press your brush sponge, the glitter in the hodgepodge. Keep adding glitter and extra Mod-hodgepodge, as necessary, to the glitter stick.
make sure you also keep it in the Mod-hodgepodge, until you’t see the bracelet through the mixture. Dry clear can – the Mod-hodgepodge dries.
Carefully remove the painter’s Band from the dried bracelet. It is a hard, straight line along the edge of the removed tape should be<.br> to Repeat, the Mod-hodgepodge application, sprinkle of glitter, etc. on the empty half of the bangle with the second glitter color.
There’s no need to tape this half. Slide the second glitter color and Mod hodgepodge mixture up to the edge of the silver glitter. A hard ridge, the first glitter color have made to keep so that it is easy, the hard line between the colors.
Let the second half of your glitter bangles to dry completely before the painting finish over the whole thing with a final layer of Mod-hodgepodge to.
If it’s a little sticky for your taste, you can a acrylic sealant, before the this to wear out for the night. I think the bracelet will go with tons of outfits!
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