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The paper and ribbon Styrofoam Easter egg craft

This Styrofoam Easter egg crafts are so easy to make – the kids love them too! All you need are Styrofoam eggs, paper, tape, and Mod-smorgasbord.

search of a bit of Easter fun to spread around your house? This Styrofoam Easter egg crafts are so easy to make – the kids love them too!
All you need are Styrofoam eggs, paper, tape, and Mod-hodgepodge. would be great for mantle display or as a clear vase filler. Sharon from Styrofoam is to Tinker share-friendly enough, her tutorial with us today. I love the bright colors and the gang, don’t you?
to Give you – you have a box with paper scraps to throw to the beautiful, right? That’s, where Styrofoam Easter egg craftcome!br>These pretty Easter eggs are a great way to buy your preferred radicals (or an apology, even more scrapbook papers!).
If you would like to hang your eggs, when you are finished, tie a 6" – 8" length of ribbon in a loop and then pin and glue the ribbon loop around the narrow end of the egg.
Styrofoam Easter egg craft
Collect These Supplies

STYROFOAM™ foam brand: 5" egg
12" x 12" scrapbook paper, one sheet per egg
Light Band, 3/8″ x 54″ per egg
wooden skewer
Small needles
thick white craft glue
Mod hodgepodge Matt
1″ Flower paper punch (optional)

If you are using this pattern, cut eight pieces of paper per egg.
Put to use a wooden skewer in the bottom of the egg as a handle. At the top of each egg, mark the centre by a hole with a pencil.
you Spread glue on the back of a piece of paper, and be sure to coat the edges. Position the piece from the middle of the egg, and carefully smooth the paper down the length of the egg, at the end of the bottom in the middle. If necessary, use a small pair of scissors to make small cuts along the edges, so that the paper is flat. If necessary, add more glue with a small brush.
Repeat with the remaining paper pieces until the egg is covered. If you go with different papers, the papers, how. There is a small gap between each piece, and that is o. k. to cover the gaps with tape later. Place the skewer in a block of foam and let the egg dry.
brush on a coat of Mod-smorgasbord and let it dry.
you Remove the skewer. You stick a 13 1/4″ strips of the multi-function longitudinal bar to the egg, starting and finishing at the bottom, and cover sections, the gaps between the paper. Use pins to hold the ribbon in Position until the glue dries.
Cut out a 1" flower, or use a paper punch, and glue the flower on the bottom of the egg, the the bands. Brush on the Mod smorgasbord and let it dry.
Optional: decorate with additional flowers.

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