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The French General DIY Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite things in a small space, like an apartment. They are perfect not only for decorating, but they also work well for hostess gifts and/or gift tags. This month I have decided to make some easy Christmas ornaments using basic scrapbooking supplies (paper and embellishments) as well as Mod-smorgasbord.
Once it forms the ornament, you probably have a ton of things you can embellish in your hiding place. Then you can decorate your mini tree, you on your coffee-table with ease! Here’s how I found out about this French General DIY Christmas ornaments.
h2 style="text-align: left;">the French General DIY Christmas Ornaments
Collect These Supplies

Martha Stewart clear acrylic ornament shapes
Scrapbook paper and embellishments – I have a French General of EKSuccess
Martha Stewart Adhesive stencil, Holiday greetings
Martha Stewart acrylic paint – Gold
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Small Spouncer

I love this clear acrylic ornament shapes, because they are hodgepodge Mod, you paint and do all kinds of amazing craft things with them. Of course, I'm also going to Mod Podging to be.
you need to adornment a few sheets of scrapbook paper and coordination. For your decorations, you can use buttons, brads, rhinestones or anything else that you can find.
Trace your ornaments on the back of the papers that you have selected.
to Cut with scissors, just inside the line. Do not compare with the ornament shape, in order to ensure that the papers fit; if you cut, continue to, until they do.
to Paint a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of your ornament shape. Place the paper on top of the Mod-hodgepodge (with the side of the paper you want to use, before the Mod-smorgasbord). Smooth with your fingers and allow to drylet.br> want To use any embellishments, use adhesive stencils, paint and spouncers to a message to create. It is very simple – just the stencil, smoothing down load your spouncer with a small amount of color and fill in the message. Peel it away immediately and let dry.
, Dimensional Magic, the cover on the top of the ornament. Let it dry in a warm place for several hours. Not under a fan or in a cold area to crack Dimensional magic.
you Start to add embellishments with craft glue. In this image, I add an adhesive border on the front of my jewelry bin. Just dab a little craft glue on the back of the border and smooth it down.
Simply cut the adhesive border with the scissors. Then continue to glue the ornaments on the front and allow to dry.
According to your ornaments are glued and dry you drill through a hole in the paper, where the ornament hole, then thread baker's twine and tie a knot. Your ornaments are ready to hang.
, making DIY Christmas decorations is to do one of my favorite things – especially in a small room where you don’t a lot of space, like an apartment. I’ll be coming many other crafts suitable for small spaces.

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