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The first day of school sign, and notes (Two versions!)

Get a collection of FREE printable first day of school, signs, tags, and lunch box notes. Two patterns – stripes in blue and tribal in pink!

your littles Are ready to go back to school? My niece is in school for the first time, and I have tons of friends with children of just about every Note.With so many people in my life, back to school, I decided to get a free package of the first day of school signs lunch box notes, and tags that you can use. And I’m going to show you how you can customize them with Fiskars products!
Fiskars is probably best known for their scissors, but they have a lot of other products. I LOVE your beats and have a whole shelf of them!
the name of a cool Fiskars punch, and I’m sure that I have in my collection. And when it comes to the Fiskars cutting tools to fall, I’m there.
free First day of school signs
Since we’re doing a children’ project today, did you know that you have four types of scissors, the children for all age groups? Here’s in your collection (image above, left to right):

Preschool scissors – ages 3+. Features blunt tip to teach blade and the spring action of blades, correct movement
kids scissors, 5″ – age 4+. Kids will love the larger finger loops for comfort. These are designed to cut all materials for the work and also have blunt tips (although they are a little more tips).
Great kids ' scissors, 6″ – age 8+. These longer blades are perfect for more advanced projects, and the larger finger loops are ideal for growing hands.
Student scissors, 7″ – at the age of 12+. Full-size blades with pointed tips. Finger loops are comfortable and offer a natural fit.

So your kids can start with Fiskars in preschool and continue for the rest of your life, the way I've done it! Now here’s how I got my Fiskars products for the adaptation of this first day of school, characters, notes, and tags.
Grab the strip printable HERE and the pink tribal printable HERE. To want you’re going to print on thicker paper or cardboard.
For the larger degrees of signs, you’ll find the scissors, the Fiskars stamp of your choice, extra scrapbook paper and glue dots need to. You can have your child cut out the shield with the scissors.
Grab your Fiskars punch – I love the stars. This is one of my favorites for all kinds of projects, not just child related!
you Place your scrapbook paper in the stamp. The cutlets are perfect for this. Press it down firmly.
you Open the small trap door on the back, this is a feature that I love, and you pull out your paper Form!
bring you to the sign with glue dots. It’s so much fun you leave your child, customize your own sign!
Another great option for the adjustment of the backpack tags! Children will love this.
For this project, I have the heart punch. What I know about the heart it’s small and very versatile love. You’ll just punching tons of heart to be found. Like this:
you’re crazy – go; I promise!
, While you are punching the heart, are crazy to allow your child to cut out the ID-tags with your Fiskars scissors.
Then add embellishments to the day – and buttons – with glue dots! To answer your question, Yes, the glue dots keep the buttons. Having said that, if you want a bit of a tougher day, glue the buttons down with craft glue! Then you use baker’s twine to tie up the day for your child’s backpack!
Are you ready for the download on their first day of school, characters, notes, and tags, and then adjust with the Fiskars? You just click on the image of the set here for download! Each set comes with four pages to print. Enjoy!

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fiskars, the compensation for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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