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Day of the dead, pumpkin-Craft

Are you ready for a cool day of the dead, pumpkin crafts you can do in minutes? You can use this project with decoupage, you like.

It’s that time of year again . . . FALL! I love the house and working on new projects. One of the first projects I started was a day of the dead, pumpkin crafts for Halloween.
It’s so popular now, everywhere you go, you have a day of the dead area for Halloween. So I had to make a craft inspired.
day of the dead, pumpkin
consumables for the craft:

Faux pumpkin
paper Mod hotchpotch
hot glue
Push Pins

First steps
I have a couple of large pumpkins to Michael's for this project.
I found some cool napkins that I thought would be perfect for this project. I got the pack for $1.00!
step 1 – cut shape
I cut out the shape to use I wanted for this project.
step 2 – a Pin-shape to pumpkin
I did the pattern wanted to help me and some push pins to hold it in place.
step 3 – Add Mod-hodgepodge
Now it’s time to Mod smorgasbord to your day of the dead, pumpkin!
I pushed a little on the back and fixed it on my pumpkin. Then I smoothed it out with my fingers. Finally, I put another layer of Mod hodgepodge added on the top. the Let it dry for 30 minutes.
step 4 – Add succulents
I decided that I wanted to add some succulents I had on hand, to the top. I cut off the stems and hot glue the succulents at the top.
finishing touches
Now, I’m ready, I can display! I think the pumpkin turned out super cute.
Super easy day of the dead, pumpkin crafts can be done in the blink of an eye! If you’re not a day of the dead type of person that you can use, what design you want with the napkins of your choice.
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