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Plaque Coffin Lid Halloween-Gift-Tags

Hey guys – it’s Aki informed of strawberry with another project to share with you! It’s already feeling more and more like fall lately, and while I’m still wearing shorts (before I’m only pants and leggings again), I’m crafting to autumn-and Halloween-themed things already.
The idea for these great Halloween gift tags came to me while crafting up doll house furniture for my little sister with popsicle sticks, and I just couldn’t resist to make of them – here’s how!
Halloween gift Tags

Jumbo popsicle sticks
cutter knife / utility knife
cutting Mat
- Brown color
Label – download the a, I have here uses
Mod smorgasbord table topcoat

step 1. Take three popsicle sticks and you are set – if you line up perfectly, glue them along the edges, as in the photo. If not, keep trying until you find a trio that the lines come out perfect (some bent).
step 2. Draw a basic coffin shape with a pencil and a ruler.
step 3. You cut the horizontal lines with a pair of scissors like in the photo below. TIP: the lines are perpendicular to the grain are easier to cut with scissors, and lines, which are parallel to the grain of the wood, or even in a diagonal position easier to cut with a carpet knife or utility knife.
step 4. Cut the diagonal lines with a carpet knife or utility knife, to prevent, inform (if you are using a pair of scissors, you would be more likely to get splits on the popsicle sticks).
step 5. Add details – with an ice cream on a stick cut in half vertically, add the plank details to your coffin. Cut off the excess with a pair of scissors.
step 6. Sand down your day, make sure to sand the excess glue, if you are the three most important popsicle sticks together.
step 7. Paint your coffin lid with a partially watered-down brown color. Use as many layers as you deem necessary. You want to look like a ‘stained wood’ at the end.
Don’t worry about the areas that don’t get covered by the color (seams and areas that will affect the adhesive) – this will give your tags a rustic, aged finish.
step 8. You drill a hole for your string – ideally you should do this before you paint the piece, but it’s just color it again. Make sure that you have to decrease drill carefully the hole, popsicle stick split. Also, be careful and drill away at least a couple of millimeters from the edge.
step 9. Print and cut the labels, or make your own. Download the one I used here. You can cut them by hand or use a 1.5″ circle punch.
step 10. Mod-hodgepodge the label on the front of the tag.
step 11. The Mod-smorgasbord table Finish as a topcoat and wait to dry. Bind with your favorite-gift-tag-string and you're done!
These are perfect for candy gift bags – much more fun than normal gift tags, don’t you think? You can also use them as place cards!
For more ideas and creative inspiration, don’t forget to pop by my blog and follow me on social media! Happy crafting, friends!
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