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Super cool summer Beat craft to the heat!

Does the heat have? Bust out the Mod collection and run one of these 15 decoupage summer crafts. Fun for adults or for children!

The first day of summer was just a few days ago – and boy, I'm there to remember! The mosquitoes, humidity and a lot of sweat. Yes, I live in the South! I hope you live in a place that isn’t quite so hot . . . although I have to say that the heat makes sno-cones that much more refreshing.summer-craft-ideasIf you are looking to avoid the heat and a little crafty in the A/C, may I suggest one of these 15 decoupage projects to make your summer kick-off?There are a variety of summer arts and crafts swimwear, home decor, some great recycled arts and crafts. Do you want to see the projects? Just scroll down – you will love them!1. To wear you change a Cowboy hat
Show your personality by changing a cowboy hat on the beach! Ideal for music festivals, to. Very easy to make with fabric and Mod-smorgasbord.2. Summer-letters-Set In this summer letter set is perfect with its cheerful and bright papers – and that watermelon “U” is killing me!3. Customize your sunglasses Learn how to decorate-inexpensive pair of sunglasses with a glitter -, paper -, and three-Dimensional magic.4. Outdoor drink holder It’s nothing like sitting in a lounge chair and read during the summer months. This outdoor beverage holder keeps your drinks directly in the vicinity.5. Flip Flop New I love Morena’s custom flip-flop idea of Design, because you can buy a cheapy pair and make it your own.6. Pea summer wreath figcaption>pea summer wreathIf you are looking for a SIMPLE DIY, summer wreath, this is your project! This summer, craft Shop uses dollars supplied.7. Bean Bag TossDIY bean bag toss game with Mod smorgasbord of OutdoorInspired by my childhood, I have a DIY bean bag toss game with sound cups and a printable. This bean bag game is easy to assemble and you will have a blast!8. Nautical canvases figcaption>nautical-wall-artAre you inspired by seaworthy decor? The nautical-wall-art is easy to make, with Mod-hodgepodge – and used a fun color palette.9. Decoupage-picnic-table Makeover a simple kids picnic table with furniture Mod patchwork and decorative papers.10. Make a Wooden water melon This cutesy watermelon craft made easy with the reclaimed wood!11. Beach in a Box Can’t get to the beach this summer? It’s fine – keep it on your Desk for inspiration!12. Outdoor-chair-Makeover you won’t believe how worn this chair was in the “before” – but Vivienne totally turned it round!13. BEACH-lettersMake a fun project for the summer! This DIY letter beach craft perfect appearance on your coat and it is very easy to assemble, with Mod-hodgepodge.you Make a fun project for the summer! This DIY letter beach craft perfect appearance on your coat and it is very easy to assemble, with Mod-smorgasbord.14. No sew Tote Try this no-sew tote decoration – just use your favorite fabrics and Mod-pick-and-mix applications patches! Learn how to make it your own.15. Lighthouse food house Learn how to pots a lighthouse lining the house with terra cotta! This clay pot lighthouse is so simple that even children can do it. So much fun for summer!hr class="wp-block-separator"/>you will Love tinkering with this summer? To know I’d love your favorites – especially with Mod-smorgasbord – in the comments!

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