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Make candle holders Out of a crib

This Mod conglomeration of candlestick holders were parts from the most unusual materials – baby crib! This is the perfect Recycling project.

I'm so excited about Cristin from Eve of reduction. as a guest today. Your blog is so inspiring – you’s all about the reduction of energy consumption, waste, clutter, and extra maintenance.I’m talking great upcycle-crafts and Recycling-tutorials. She also has a great book, Living Simple, Free & Happy in 2013, and I’t wait. Their enthusiasm for the simplification of life is contagious, and you’s here today to share a project that I love.you turned an old crib, the candle holders with paint and Mod-hodgepodge, and they are so bright and cheerful. Here’s how you made them.
DIY-candle-holderSupplies:crib spindlesScrap piece of wood, large enough to have 2 places for the baseJigsaw2 screwsDrillMod hodgepodge of Hard CoatSmall brush or a foam brushFoam craft paper or feltCandlesticks or votives(optional) color, brush, Mixing tray When I jigsawed, I found next to the ends of the crib, that the thick spindles were inserted at the end of the dowel, and when I pulled it out of the dowels you had a cavity, perfect for a tapered candleThe only Problem was the spindle alone’t hold up the candle for sure. I needed to attach a base. So I have the side of a seemingly cheap drawer.But I couldn’t stop to boring, fake-wood. Mod hodgepodge makes each project that much more vivid. Who’s with me? I realize everyone can't chop up a crib, but spindles can be used from other sources, such as, for example, balconies and stairs. If it isn’t have a dowel, you can use a drill or put a votive on the top instead of the chandelier. This makes for a fun DIY decoration, or a great handmade gift idea! step 1: measure the wood for the candlestick base. I draw with my t-square, two 4.5″ squares and cut them with my jigsaw Puzzle. step 2: Find the center of your base and spindle. You drill a hole clear through the bottom plate and into the bottom of the spindle, where necessary, for their screw.this is where they screw together the base and the spindle, to make sure that your hole is sufficient. Then they separate again. step 3: Gather you supplies your decorative: Mod-hodgepodge, brush, fabric, paint, brushes, mixing tray and the candle to match your fabric. step 4: Cut the fabric so that it is large enough to wrap around the bottom of the base piece. Apply Mod-smorgasbord, the upper edge of the candle holder base, brush on the sides and the rear edge.The base face down on the middle of the back of the fabric and bring the fabric around the edges and on the edges of the bottom of the base.fold the corners the way you would wrap a present, fold in the sides. Brush Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the fabric to seal it.step 5: Paint the spindles, as desired.step 6: Turn the screw through the bottom plate and into the bottom of the spindle, attach the two pieces. step 7: you’ll note that the candlestick doesn’t sit firmly on the table, because the head of the screw in the bottom makes it wobble. Therefore, you cut four squares of felt or foam craft paper and attach them to each corner.
now Add your beautiful Mod Podged candle holder with your fun decor! Let me know what you think of this DIY candle holder is in the comments!

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