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They make a kitchen tool Vintage-Shadow Box

If you are looking for a good way to make your old kitchen tools, this vintage shadow box with Mod hodgepodge is the perfect decoration project.
I had a friend who loved to collect vintage kitchen tools, and her collection was super cool. You didn’t want to use them, what I understood also, because they were vintage and also you could collapse in your cupcake batter.
man Podger David came up with a way to antique kitchen tools, and I need it, my friend . . . I love this vintage shadow box. Hang it on the wall or prop it on the counter, either way, it looks great. I’ll let David tell you how it’s made.


OK, my grandma (dad's mom) was one of the most exciting women of all time – and not much of a cook. But she LOVED donuts! My mother is also fantastic and a great cook. And she makes delicious, homemade donuts. The two together say unnecessarily.
When my grandmother died, I ended up (I have really no idea how) with some little things from your kitchen, the sat, to do in a "I-know-what-this-but-I-can-throw-non--it-away" box in my garage. You have such?
Anyway, it dawned on me that I could make a little ceremony of the two, their friendship and their love for donuts with a shadowbox, Mod smorgasbord and blown up-recipe-card. It was incredibly easy!
kitchen tool-Vintage-Shadow Box

Shadow Box (the cleaning I really should have before I photographed it. Sheesh!)
gloss Mod smorgasbord and foam brush
Vintage kitchen utensils
Small pieces of scrap wood to use as spacers – white
painted hot gun
Spray paint

adhesive I decided to re, my mom's famous donut recipe as a background. You could easily get an old recipe card to Kinkos and blow for you. I havemy own with a great, free font called Octin Vintage (available for free download from DaFont.com), the size you will fit in the back of the shadow box and printed it out.br> I spread Mod smorgasbord on the backer board that came with the shadow box, and put the recipe card graphic below, smoothing of wrinkles (although a few wrinkles, she seemed OK to me on this project) and set them aside to dry.
gave it a quick coat of antique white spray-paint them.
I wanted to stand out the utensils, a bit from the background – hence the little pieces of waste wood. I painted them white so they would blend a little and then I have to glue a hot glue gun the piece of wood on the back of each utensil.
When the recipe card was the background dried, I trimmed the edges, and I gave it a sealing layer of Mod smorgasbord for a little extra Shine. According to the arrangement, I hot glue the utensils in place and re-assembled to play with what I wanted in the shadow box. And “BAM” a tribute to my donut ancestors love.
I left the glass from the vintage shadow box for these pictures, because all I had was a mirror, was a picture of me a picture. What do you think? To know I’d love in the comments!
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