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Star Wars birthday Party FREE Printable Pack!

Get a FREE Star-Wars-birthday printable pack! This includes invitations, packaging, banners, and more – twelve pages of fun. May the party with you!

Can you believe what a big Star Wars fan I am . . . and yet I never had a Star Wars birthday party? Now – I’m turning 40 in January and I think that’s all about. Maybe I’m too old for such shenanigans got, but I don’t care! Sometimes, if you have a dream, you must make it – even if this dream is a Star Wars birthday party. And you turn 40.
Along with that, I decided that anyone who wants a Star Wars themed celebration should have.

Star Wars birthday invitations & Printables
So I characters a partnership with a great graphic designer friend of mine, and she put together this amazing FREE birthday party pack with your favorite Star Wars! I’m pretty impressed that you came up with.
This amazing collection of goodies includes 12 pages of freebies (my URL is not on the free to copy):

- invitations (2 per page)
Bag Topper – 6.5-inch, fits a regular sandwich bags (2 per page)
Full-size-candy-bar-wrappers (2 per page)
Cupcake Topper (12 per page)
Hershey’s Kiss Sticker (80 per page)
Mini candy bar wrappers (8 per page)
Great “Happy Birthday” banner (6 pages)

instructions for all of the goodies are below. Beats make, cut some of the designs are simple, but you can still do it with a pair of scissors.
invitations: The invitations are 5 x 7. Simply print out on cardboard and cut them out. You will receive the envelopes on Amazon HERE or at your local stationary store.
Bag toppers: Print on cardstock and cutting; wrinkle on the white line, and staple to the top of the bags.
Candy bar wrappers (full size and mini): Print on cardstock, cut, wrap, and glue. I highly recommend glue dots or double sided tape. You’ll do the same for both sizes. The full-size wrappers fit a 1.5-ounce Hershey bar in the other type of candy bars.
Cupcake-toppers: These are 2.5″ and you cut them with a 2.5″ punch. Use this tutorial for installation – it’s very simple.
Hershey Kiss stickers: These can be printed on full sticker sheets and cut with 3/4″ punch. Or you can print them on cardboard and glue them to the bottom of the Hershey kisses.
birthday banner: print on cardstock and cut them out. Hang whatever you like.
Are you ready to have some galactic fun?
Grab your FREE Star Wars birthday party pack here!!
Oh, and I’d love for you to visit my blog DIY candy for a post I wrote about a Star Wars birthday party (previously, I had this printable pack). My tips by clicking on the picture below!

note: all files in this blog post are for personal use only. Thank you!!!

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