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St. Patrick's day wreath in a Few Easy steps!

Sometimes it is St. Patrick’s Day decor can be a little too crazy for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love green things and sparkles in General. But I'm trying not to be completely glitter-nuts-o for every holiday to go . . . sometimes I like to do things a bit more subtle.This is not the case with my St. Patrick’s day wreath for this year. I decided to make it easy to create modern and simple. And I thought, you’d probably appreciate it, too. Here’s how I did it!St-Patrick's-wreathCollect These Supplies12″ wreath form green fabric of your choice – the shreds of the work tooMod hodgepodge gloss four wood heartsOne small wooden circle green acrylic paintwhite acrylic paint (optional)Paint brush craft glue
you’ll first have to paint the four wooden heart and a wooden circle with a green color. This is clover your mandatory four-leaf. Once you’re done, the painting, and it’s dried, to glue together, you’re the pieces go . . . and this is the cute little clover leaf is the result! Grab your wreath form. They come in a few different colors and sizes. When I went, they didn’t have a white one, so I came up with the color my.This is because cotton fabrics (if decoupaged) blunts sometimes end up not looking as bright or bold, because the color of the wreath form. My fabric was a bit thinner, I took this extra measure, just in case! While waiting for the paint to dry on the wreath form, rip the fabric into strips (maybe 1″ – 2″ width?). Then add Mod smorgasbord on the wreath form and . . . Start to wrap the strip and around! and Hold until the entire wreath is covered. The steps are cut, wrap, repeat.If the whole thing is covered with a fabric, let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes and then coat the entire wreath and fabric with Mod-smorgasbord. Stick to terminate your four-leaf clover on the front.
Hang your St. Patrick’s day wreath using a command strip or whatever you like! This wreath is really easy. Here’s a closer look at the four-leaf clover. Easy, isn't it? Enjoy and happy St. Patrick’s day! If you enjoyed this holiday project, check out these other holiday ideas, you might also like:chest of Gold St. Patrick’s day decor lucky Charms bracelet easy Green yarn Vase20 Free St. Patrick’s day printable easy Leprechaun mask

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