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St. Patrick's Day Craft: yarn Easy-to-Vase

This St. Patrick’s day craft is the easiest thing you’ll ever do! Bring a little luck into your home with Mod hodgepodge and green yarn vase.

Hi! It is Shannon from Rosyscription!Are you tired of winter? Ready for spring? I also. I have spring projects on the brain lately. More specifically, Igreen St. Patrick’s Day crafts on the brain latelyMaybe it's because the holidays is fast approaching. Maybe it is, because “emerald” Pantone’s color of the year . . . but something about the color green makes me happy and hopeful, when it's dark and cold outside.
The green yarn in my craft stash is calling my name for some time. I loved the color and wanted to create something with it for the spring. A pretty "green" St. Patrick’s Day vase for flowers seemed appropriate. you Want a simple yarn vase? It is so easy and would be a great gift for the upcoming holidays in March.yarn Wound needed to be Delivered Vase:glass jarGreen yarnMod hodgepodge satin small paper tagOrange ribbon orange markersstep One: working in sections, brush the outside of your glass generously with decoupage. Starting at the opening, wrap the yarn around the vase and glue. Once the entire vase is covered, you could stop OR a brush to add more Mod smorgasbord on the yarn and more a string in a random, criss-cross pattern. I think this adds a little organic texture to the vase. Continue to brush more decoupage over all of the fibers, if desired. They allow the yarn to dry thoroughly. step Two: Write a funny or seasonal mood on a paper tag. step Three: place the ribbon around your vase. You thread both ends through your paper tag to secure it around the neck. Cut the ends of the multi-function.Fill your vase with water and flowers and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day craft! note: I used Mod hodgepodge Satin formula to make this vase. In retrospect, Outdoor Mod hodgepodge durablewould be with the water in the vaseBut I don't think so, if you are careful, the outside of the vase wet, any formula could work. (Also, the seal could be the yarn, with the acrylic sealer. I like the fuzzy texture of the yarn and I was worried that sealer mask would.)
Adding an orange ribbon and a fun tag immediately this green yarn vase makes it suitable for St. Patty’s day, without being covered with the clover.And if this holiday is over, I can replace the orange Band with pink in time for Easter!  (I Have to tell you, I look forward to the spring? Mmkay, just want to be sure!) Well, when the weather is warmer’t here yet . . . at least I can craft for it, right?If you enjoyed this St. Patrick’s Day, check out these other holiday ideas, you also might like:chest of Gold St. Patrick’s day decor lucky Charms bracelet decoupage-St. Patrick’s day Wreath20 Free St. Patrick’s day printable easy Leprechaun mask

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