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Spring Ornament to Brighten up the season

Ornaments are not just for Christmas, in my opinion! This DIY feather ornament is bright and fun and made with Mod-hodgepodge. It’s so simple!
ornaments – not just for Christmas any more, my friends! Ornaments can be hung around the house at any time of the year, or used for the decoration of mantle . . . or whatever floats your boat.
this spring, ornament project is so easy, that even children can participate, as well. I can imagine a tree of this in a ton of colors. Whee! To see more on how I managed that.
feather Ornament
Collect These Supplies

papier-mâché ornament
FolkArt acrylic paint – Calypso sky
Mod hodgepodge gloss
fuel – the scraps to make the flowers
Die cut to shape machine or something (I use a Sizzix Big Shot)
craft glue

It’s a good idea to prepare fabric to run through the die cutter. For the preparation of the tissue on a non-stick surface, color, and a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge on. You do this with all the fabric you are using (makes it easier for the Mod-smorgasbord as well!) Allow it to dry.
, While the fabric is drying, paint the ornaments with several layers of blue color. Let dry.
Cut your fabric into shapes, either with a punch or by pressure clip-art and use it as a template. I used the punch for my flower tops, but I cut the stalks by the free of charge.
Plan your design and Mod-pick-and-mix to form the fabric to the ornament. These forms are so small that you can dry Mod smorgasbord at the climax, without the long wait for the fabric to.
I Mod Podged the stems, the ornament, the cross and the cross on the ground. Let dry.
of the ornaments to Give a few more layers of Mod-smorgasbord and let it dry.
Add buttons to the centers of the flowers with craft glue. And as you can see, I have this all in my pajamas! All in a hard day’s work, my friends.
Enjoy your fun in the spring, ornament, and make like, a hundred more.

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