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Spring Craft: Simple lace Vase DIY

This simple lace vase DIY your spring will enlighten! You can decoupage-Dollar-Tree-glass-vase with a doily. You can also make it washable with the dishwasher Mod smorgasbord.
spring is just around the corner and one of my favorite ways to bring some of this season into my home with fresh flowers.
I love picking up a small bouquet of flowers from my local grocery store. This spring craft is a cheap and easy way to nature into the interior.
you can special your flower arrangement by a cheap bud vase and some Mod-hodgepodge. I recently received these beautiful paper lace doilies from my mother-in-law and I knew that I wanted to keep to a vase.
This top-of-the vase was a really simple and easy decoupage crafts. This project would be perfect for any beginner!!! Let me show you.
lace Vase DIY
supplies needed:

Mod-hodgepodge (dishwasher-proof formula)
paper doily
glass Bud vase
rubbing alcohol


Clean the glass thoroughly with alcohol and allow to dry.
With your brush a layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the glass and the back of your paper doily. (I suggest either the outdoor formula or in the dishwasher formula, so that the Mod-hodgepodge is resistant to water, as you hold the vase to the flowers).
Press the doily around the glass, smooth out any bubbles as you go. Make sure that the paper sticks and it overlaps with the re-neat.
you Allow the decoupage to dry and apply at least two layers over the doily to seal it. Cure the adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions before use.
One tip, if you have this vase is to look for a doily, fit your vase well, if wrapped to the entire column. I love the intricate details of the lace.
application as a simple cylindrical shape on the glass, there is also a somewhat modern atmosphere. It is the perfect vessel for holding a few flowers this spring, willWhat are other spring-crafts-ideas are you trying to die?

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