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Sparkly Geometric Paper Garland " (Free Template!)

Do you want to learn how to make a simple decoration for your next party? You will learn how to this easy sparkly geometric paper garland!

Hello, my name is Rachel from lines Across, and I’m happy to make a contribution here at Mod conglomeration of rocks! I’m a little obsessed with geometric shapes and bright colors, and often free printable gift boxes. Today I’m sharing how to make a paper garland.
; ve had boxes with this project in mind since I shared a free printable for these diamond-shaped gift. I knew that I wanted a smaller version that can be strung together into a fun garland.
This paper garland project was pretty simple, but it took a bit longer than I thought. It would be perfect to make as a project for a craft night with a few friends, as part of a handmade wedding, or something, while you watch TV.
Geometric paper garland
What you need:

Cardstock and FREE TEMPLATE
scissors and glue
Mod hodgepodge gloss

What you need to do:
1. Print the free printable template. Cut it out along the solid black lines. Be precise when cutting.
2. Fold along the dotted lines. I found it really helpful, first of all, the score.
3. Rotate the paper so that the printed lines on the bottom. This will be the inside of the small boxes. Carefully paint a medium layer of Mod hodgepodge about every other triangle (4 in total).
4. They cover the triangles with glitter. In order to ensure that the Mod-hodgepodge doesn’t dry, you may want to paint/glitter one triangle at a time.
5. Let the Mod-hodgepodge dry off, shake the glitter, then use glue to assemble the boxes. (You can smorgasbord on the sparkling areas with a second layer of Mod to ensure that the glitter doesn’t shed. It is still nice and shiny, the Mod-hodgepodge dries.)
6. String together the little boxes and enjoy. I had a LOT of trouble stringing together the boxes. First of all, I've tried, by a needle, and embroidery thread over the top, thinking gravity would pull it through the ground.
for some reason it just kept stuck in the box. Then I tried tying embroidery thread, a piece of spaghetti. That was an epic fail. Enough said.
What finally worked very well, was twine with a coarse jute. I covered one end (about 4 cm) and Mod smorgasbord and let it dry in a straight line.
Then I have the cord threaded through the boxes. (The hole on one side of the box is slightly larger than the other. Start, through the smaller hole to make it easier.)
I just love the way the glittery pink and gold look in addition to the simple Kraft paper. What is the paper garland colour combinations that you love?
Thank you, Amy, for the invitation to be here today! Be to stop by lines and say Hello!

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