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Sparkling snowflake jewelry dish for a Sparkly Winter

It’s nothing better than the combination of glitter and Mod smorgasbord – create snowflake this pretty snow jewelry dish for the winter!

Happy Thursday, guys! This is Lindsay from shrimp salad circus, and to share, I’ve stopped, a fun holiday tutorial with you. I love rock, Amy, and Mod smorgasbord, because there is a need for a few craft so versatile!
. Today, I would like a holiday project, because I’m all about the lights, snowflakes, evergreen, and winter goodness this year!
I have a massive stock of small dishes that I use in my shop, so it felt like a perfect opportunity to use one for a bright, vibrant holiday design. Plus, we all love a healthy dose of glitter, right? ;D
This piece of jewelry shell design has a modern “snowflake” with an ombre glitter effect for a dazzling finish!

glitter jewelry dish
What you Need:

Flat bowl (like these sauce dishes)
2-3 coordinated colors with fine glitter
Thin washi tape
Mod hodgepodge gloss

1. For this project to last through the years of the holidays, you’ll want to RUB you file the surface of the shell with fine sandpaper or even a nail.
The first thing to do is to ensure that everything sticks well and takes to clean a long time small bowl thoroughly with soap and water or cleaning alcohol. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and then you can start!
2. With scissors, cut strips of washi tape about an inch long. You want to three different strip.
*If you don’t a thin ribbon, you can just cut regular tape in half lengthwise.
3. Press firmly on the tape to the center of the shell in the shape of a star. You smooth out all the edges, and make sure that nothing’s peeling everywhere!
4. Brush a thin layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire surface of the shell, including the bonded area of design, to be sure, the Mod-hodgepodge flake in all corners of the “snow.”
5. Sprinkle your first color of glitter generously, starting at one side of the bowl. Use gradually less as you work towards the center, so that the next color of glitter fits very well.
6. Quickly pour on your second glitter, with a quantity of light on the edge of the last color, and is always harder while you work. Add a third color in the same way.
7. Set aside the peel to peel to dry for an hour or so, and then very carefully the washi tape. You should have a blank snowflake in the center of the field of glitter.
8. Brush flake, a further thin layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire surface — glittered area and snow. Set it aside to dry overnight, and you’re done!!
let this sit for a little candy, holiday ornaments, a fishing net for key — whatever you can think of! Many thanks for crafting with me today. If you like this project, share images with me on social media! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’, and Pinterest!

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