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Summer wreath with peas in Four Simple steps

If you’re looking for a SIMPLE DIY, summer wreath, this is your project! This summer door wreath Shop supplies-dollar.skills Required: Beginner. you don’t have prior crafting experience to this unique summer wreath. It’s so simple that even a child could do it.

I’m really excited to share a craft today’s with you all. I made a pea wreath for my back door and I’m LOVING it – so much so that I plan a few more for around the house.DIY summer wreaththis summer door wreath was a pretty simple project to make, and I feel that it makes a big influence on my decor, without being too overwhelming.summer door wreath SuppliesBefore I powered up and in the details of the wreath, I wanted to talk a little bit about that. You’re going to want a smooth wreath form, even a “ called;extruded” wreath form. My form was bought at Dollar Tree for (Shocker) to $1. It’s 10″, and green.What I love about the green wreath form that, if you miss some spots, if you won the compliance with the peas, it’t really be noticeable. Michaels has the green wreath, as well as some of the other craft supplies.you can buy white wreath forms in other craft supplies as well (and online), but obviously you’re going to have to pay more. However, you have a variety of shapes and sizes online, which is pretty handy if you want something a little different.
in addition to the wreath form, I have two bags of peas for 1 US Dollar in the supermarket. I already had themod-collection and decorative accessories on hand so that if you’re in math you can quickly calculate that I spent $3 on this projectIf you need to buy, ribbon, and accessories (such as starfish), it should’t cost you a lot more. I recommend digging in your stash. What I love about this wreath is that it comes with a variety of themes – farmhouse, rustic, vintage, etc., The natural appearance of the peas, a lot of compliments.painting wreathIf you’re so inclined, you can put the rim color, it’s. You’ll want to, add the peas at first, but then just give him a coat of acrylic paint or spray paint!It’s absolutely good for applying color on top of the peas. Change the color might be a good idea, depending on the color of your interior. It's a cool textureIf you’re looking for a pretty DIY summer wreath that is budget-friendly, this is your project. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!!Collect How to make a summer wreathThiscraft-foam wreath form (size of your choice)Mod-hodgepodge Matt split peas – 2 bags Supplied is perfect for a 10″ wreath form, paint brush, ribbon, starfish – or other decorative accentsFirst stepsIt’s nothing, what you have to do to prep for this project, in addition to making sure that your wreath form is clean and dry. Otherwise, you can use everything, including the peas. step 1 – Add Mod smorgasbord and peasI found the perfect container to keep my peas in, had a bowl of I also. This bowl makes the project quite a bit easier!If you don’t have a shell like this, you can also touch a baking sheet with wax paper on the bottom (so the Mod hodgepodge doesn’t). Simply spread the peas, as shown.I just got my wreath on the inside and began to paint on the Mod-hodgepodge. Once I painted a section, I started sprinkling on my peas. Once I sprinkle the last, I started the peas shoved in the wreath.as soon As my summer wreath was covered, I let it dry for 30 minutes. step 2 – Fill in Bald spotsOnce the wreath dried, I started the filling in the bald spots. I did this by my Mod smorgasbord and peas again. You may have to go to the thicker with the Mod-pick-and-mix to stick to the peas. Just don’t much – or else’llclump together step 3 – sealing in peasSo this last step is important. When I first took the wreath, the peas fell to the floor. I couldn’t have that.Because Mod-hodgepodge dries clear, I thought that would work for my entire summer door wreath perfect, and guess what . . . it!! After it dried I’ didn;t have to worry about the peas. I’ve rocked the rim several times and nothing.step 4 – Final cutI decided to make some white burlap ribbon, and, of course, also had. some coastal feel with a shell I think the shell looks perfect, in the middle of the top. Very simple and clean.I will be a different summer wreath and add it to my French doors in the kitchen. Or maybe two wreaths. Don’t you think you’d, perfect it look like? I hope you enjoy a summer door wreath for yourself. There will be a time that you think you “what did I get myself into?” because it’s going to take some time.But you have to take a “woosa” moment and more! You put a movie on the TV and work on it. You believe me – it’s worth it in the end.

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