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So Protect Your Outdoor Fairy Garden

If you’ve spent some time on your outdoor fairy garden, you’want to ll, probably, to protect it from the elements! Here’s my secret for making it last.Scroll down to get to the bottom of the post, a bonus video: create your own fairy garden! We’ll show you how to make a cute garden with paint, stencils, wood shapes, and a bird house.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with the idea of a fairy garden – are fairy gardens are crazy cute and make me want to squeal every time when I see you! I’ve always loved, mini anything, so if fairy gardens have been all the rage, I was on Board faster than you can say “gnome-home.” I even made a desktop garden, so that you can enjoy the magic that is inside or on the job.AND the get . . . I’m planning a outdoor-fairy-garden-project in the street opposite the park from where I live. I was walking by yesterday and noticed that there are some large trees in the public areas, and it’s, if you have a great idea!
What is a fairy garden?Before we dive into that, I should. probably fairy gardens to discuss in General I actually asked for something, “what a fairy garden is it?” I think a lot of people ask, what is the point, especially when adults make of them. But the truth is that they aren’t just for kids!A fairy garden is a miniature garden, a flower pot or other container. It contains small structures (houses of the fairies), plants, and (sometimes) figures. The trend is based on an urban legend – the building is a garden to entice fairies to your house, and you’ll bring happiness along with them. fairy-tale-started gardens with live plants, give people a way to enjoy more of a small garden the whole year ’round. However, you’ve really developed! Now you can also include faux plants, dwarves (not sure where that came from, but they’re cute), and just about anything miniature. As you interpret, this is a trend that is really up to you. If it’s small, and it looks like a garden, it works!My Fairy garden housesI found a series of fairy-tale garden figures such as mushroom house doors, Windows, fairies and other wood accessories in the craft store the other day. I’m going to be quite a few of them, paint them, and keep them to be found in the local park for children. Won’t that be funny??is My first thought about doing my outdoor-fairy-garden-project on the other side of the street that I’m going to have everything protected from the elements. In Georgia, the weather is completely unpredictable, with storms one day and then burning sun the next. I want to&my project to at least last summer (and hopefully more) in the elements.nbsp;Here’s my secret!Protect your Outdoor Fairy GardenLearn everything about the Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor formula! Find out what it is, how to use it, and see some unique projects that you can make.So, what's the secret ingredient? Mod Smorgasbord Of Outdoor!! This is what I’m to use, and it’s very easy to apply. I’ll be painting my article with outdoor paint and then several layers of Mod-smorgasbord in the open on the upper side.And, honestly, you can use this formula in order to protect the pre-painted parts that you can buy, how good (or objects you decide to add embellishments). If you would like to have items sitting out that what you need is just to use!I could leave it at that, but some of them live in especially rainy or Sunny climates like me. If you’s the case, you may need in a further step, a UV coating over your garden elements.In this case, I, the Mod-smorgasbord as well as a sealer, such as Krylon UV-recommend-Resistant clear lacquer. If the weather is pretty hard core in the winter, as it is here, keep your garden under a protective cover (like a porch). It really depends on how long you want it to last, but the additional injection molding, and then below the cover really extend the life of your items. Trust me!Now, I’ve shared my trick for the protection of the fairy gardens, I wanted a couple of projects with them as well Check out these cute options below!Fairy signs Fairy House Base - Lit Fairy glasses fairies are always welcome wood sign burned What gardens are your tips for the protection of your fairy tale? To know I’d love in the comments! Are you ready for your bonus video? You know, like a fairy garden with a bird house – just press “PLAY” in the middle of the video below:

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