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SLIGHTLY Rustic style Thanksgiving characters

Abbey shows you how to make this rustic style, distressed Thanksgiving sign with washi tape, chalk paint, and Mod-hodgepodge!
Hey friends! It’s Abbey, the here say of The cards that We have drawn, and I’m here today sharing an EASY Mod hodgepodge of Washi Tape Thanksgiving characters (that 10x fast!).
Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this sign is a perfect fit for my house was now. One thing to do I'm trying to do is comply with the each day, the thought . . . when you Wake up in the morning and only left the things she thanked God for the night before . . . what would you have?
every Day I remember to be grateful for all the things in my life, I’t live without, and this sign is a constant reminder to be grateful for what we have. Are you ready for a tutorial? You will hold to read.DIY Rustic Thanksgiving sign
The shield is very simple, here’s what you need:

a wooden shield from Consumer crafts
wood-grain Washi tape from Consumer crafts
stencils (mine were from Hazel and Ruby Handmade)
Light Blue Chalk Paint and Paint Brush
fabric and felt for the flower Rosette

The first step is to cover the tag with washi tape. I left the room on both sides so I could fold it nicely over the edges. Make sure there are no gaps in the layers.
was covered According to the sign, I began carefully, tucking all the edges under, full-wrap the front and sides of the sign.
to be wrapped Once the sign, I then filled in the gaps and got my Mod-hodgepodge, to secure the ribbon to the bottom. This step is important, because this particular washi tape doesn’t have a super strong hold and lift over a period of time without the Mod-smorgasbord.

you wear a thick layer of Mod hodgepodge about the whole thing and let dry. I have a Mod collection with a high gloss, but you can Mod a regular smorgasbord, as well.
After the thank dried, I spell out my stencils from Hazel and Ruby to “in all things.”
I then painted over Paint with light Blue chalk . . . DAB the brush over the top of the templates, in order to try to reduce the spots, the randomly under the stencil.
After the paint is dried, I moved the templates from now on my characters. From there, Irosettes and posies with scrap felt and fabric I had on hand. I used to glue hot glue them down.
I love how my Thanksgiving characters turned out, and the meaning it has for me every day. It’s a great reminder to all of your family, to be grateful for what you are.
I hope you enjoy my simple tutorial! To see if you’d like more ideas, visit me on the blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest!

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