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Simply Decorations Of A Butterfly With Vintage Wallpaper

Turn-antique-metal-butterflies in pretty magnets with Wallpaper and Mod-hodgepodge. You can use this simple butterfly decorations in your home!

I’m to be honest – I love Mitzi from Mitzi’s Collectibles and to share, I’m happy Your butterfly decorations here and now. I’ve featured several times, and you’s one of the most talented Mod Podgers.she is specialized in Antiques, and she always thinks of something new and unique, I’ve never seen before. I think you’ll like your upcycle-butterfly-magnets, decoupaged with vintage Wallpaper. Here you are.—————————-Howdy Mod Podgers, I’m Mitzi Curi from Mitzi’s Collectibles and my crafting specialty is “up-cycling” vintage elements, so that they can be used and appreciated in our modern way of life.Today I’d have to show how you how to wallpaper butterfly-decorations – I turned them into magnets. These are butterflies made of brass, as many of their grandmothers or aunties to hang on your living room walls.Made by Homco, they were often sold as a grouping of butterflies on a branch, or as individual butterflies could be sprinkled in the midst of a people’ wall decor. If Grammy won’t enter, you can search on flea markets or eBay for you.
With some Mod-hodgepodge, and some of the beautiful papers that you may have this: all metal to hang in your home. Or you can have them on a lampshade with a second magnet on the inside of the shadow: DIY butterfly decorationsCollect These Suppliesbrass butterfliesMod hodgepodge Matt vintage wallpaper, sheet music, or patterned scrapbook paper of your choice sponge brush or paint brush scissors super strong magnets (at the craft stores in a package of 8)E-6000 glueCraft paint or spray paint (optional) Prepare your butterflies, take a pair of wire cutters and cut the branch, if you are connected to. If your butterflies have a detachable body, like mine, gently bend the metal tabs and remove the body.I like to paint the sides to give you a finished look. I’ve tried to Tinker and paint, but it takes several layers to cover the brass. If you want to, paint your butterflies, coat the bottom and allow to dry.Put the butterfly and the small piece, the pencil is removed from the body on the paper of choice and trace around them with a sharp. (My examples below haven’t been painted on the sub-pages): Cut your paper. I like to end up with three separate pieces, so that if cutting the paper, I cut the wings apart at the point where they attach to the body. There may be some guess work involved, because you won’track t be able to complete the wings.coat the back of the paper with decoupage medium and apply the paper to your brass-butterfly-decorations. I find it to smooth out effectively the paper with my fingers. Sometimes, a brayer can be used to roll out the lumps. If the paper is firmly attached, top coat with Mod-smorgasbord. Once dry, you can cut the edges with scissors, if it overhang any paper. An emery board can also be used if you want very smooth edges.Re-attach the body to the wings, then flip it and glue a magnet to the bottom. A small lump of E-6000 to create a strong bond. Let the butterflies dry over night. you’re with your upcycle-butterfly-decorations! If you would like to use it for a lampshade, I have found that gluing a bit of thin fabric or paper is secured to the magnet, that you won’t leave any residue on the lampshade. Now you need a loose magnet on the bottom of the lampshade and attach the butterfly to the outside. It should be kept safe, if it can be used super strong magnets.
Just a word about my turquoise lamp base. I'll take cheap lamps at garage sales. Most of them are made of brass and have interesting shapes or details, but look out of fashion because of its brass finish. I spray paint them bright colors to make them more appealing and fun. Here are four I painted last summer: I then use braid, I’'ve collected to gussy up the lamp shades. A butterfly or two for the finishing touch!If you decoupage projects, inspired by love of vintage-check out this other project from Mitzi – decoupaged bottles.

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