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Simple XOXO Valentine's day sign

Use Mod smorgasbord and glitter this glitter to make Valentine’s day report – an XOXO sign, look great on a table or mantel! This is REALLY easy to make.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to started on a Valentine's day craft for the house. One of my go to craft for the holidays, my easy DIY-character.
I haven’t made a Valentine’s day sign, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Plus I have to take my “loyal” get; Mod smorgasbord.
, I wanted to make for Valentine's day, when the time came. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to say to the characters.
I Wanted to go “coastal ” Valentine’s or stick with the classic Valentine theme?
I Finally decided on the classic, and what’s more classic then the XOXO theme.
DIY Valentine’s Day

piece of wood
Mod hodgepodge Shine

step 1 – Provided you Select your wood
I Have a leftover piece of wood I had from a DIY wall art project I made for Amy. I spent $7.00 and had it cut 3 12×12 pieces. This was the 3. Piece of art!!

step 2 – Paint your wood
next, I have the wood painted. I need to paint a total of three layers for this project. I let each layer dry for 15 minutes.

step 3 – Cut your template
Now it’s time for the creation of the template. I've got a Silhouette cutting machine which I use for all my characters. I found my perfect font and cut it on vinyl. I removed the “XOXO”, so that I could use this to use as a template.

step 4 – a template Add
next, I got my transfer paper on the vinyl so that I could add the template to the wood. I made sure to smooth the vinyl so it would hold on to the wood easily. Then I removed my transfer paper. Now I have a perfect template for my characters.

step 5 – Fill In The template
Now the fun part, filling in our template. For the “O” I filled with red paint and let it dry for 20 minutes. I wanted to make sure the paint is completely dry before I still have my glitter.
next, I filled in the “X” with Mod smorgasbord and sprinkled my glitter on top. I waited 10 minutes, then removed all my vinyl.

Now, I’m done with my valentines crafts, I’m ready to display. I really need to start, pulling you more on my Valentine decor sign to go with my Valentine’s day!!!
The kids love it when I decorate for Valentine’s day. It’s just such a fun holiday and the red and glitter love the combo.
I had this simple Valentine’s day tag in no time and I think it looks good. I can wait’t a new character like this for Easter. I just need to think of a super great idea.
to answer If anyone has any questions about the use of the Silhouette, I’d love!
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