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Simple skeleton-Painted pumpkin with gloss

you Make a painted pumpkin with skeleton design. This Halloween craft is SO easy – add the Sparkle Mod collection, a truly festive touch!

Too early for Halloween – and a painted pumpkin idea? My friends, there is no such thing as too early in the world of crafts! This is what I love about a crafter. I had a rule broken. By the way, I'm the only person that refers to skeletons as a “skulligans?” When you're out there, please identify yourself.My first project of the season is this DIY pumpkin. It’s easy and uses Mod-hodgepodge as a sealer . . . and it’s NOT a CARVING. It’s some of the paintings involved, but it’s fun, and you also get to use white transfer paper.Ooh la la. This purple and black and glitter painted pumpkin to be loved, who will come to you for years, guaranteed. Here’s how the skeletal pumpkin.skeleton of Painted gourdCollect These Suppliescraft pumpkin skeleton clip art printed out to fit the pumpkin – I got mine from the Microsoft Clip ArtFolkArt paint – licorice, Dove gray, Metallic silver sterling sparkle Mod PodgePurple craft leave paint brushes in two sizes, small and largeHot glue GunPipe cleaner Black transfer paper, stylus stencil tape
white-your first step is to paint the craft pumpkin with licorice (unless you have a black craft pumpkin) and transfer the image on the pumpkin with white transfer paper Use your small brush to color to paint in the skeleton design with grey. Follow the transfer-paper lines as closely as you can. Keep painting until the skeleton is completely filled, and then let it dry. Do not forget the trunk. Use your small brush and silver paint over the grey. It gives it a nice little Shine. Cover and then allow to dry. To paint the stem. They are done so close to, you can't imagine. By the way, makes this photo so times look like I in a basement? coat your pumpkin with several layers of gloss Mod-smorgasbord, allowing to dry between coats. This should sparkle very nice on the black paint! Set aside and allow to drylet wait While the pumpkin is dry, take some of your leaves and glue them to the ends of the pipe cleaner. You should use your hot glue gun; I'm A. D. D. so I grabbed the glue that was still present. Once dry, wrap the pipe cleaner around the finger to a curled vine effect. Use your hot glue gun, glue the pipe cleaner "vines" on the top of the pumpkin, then start attaching leaves. Glue the leaves down, until you feel that your pumpkin enough – basically, to your heart's content!Let the adhesive cool before you place them, and then enjoy your spooky decoration. If you would like to place it outside, make sure that the spray with a waterproof enamel-coating. If you love my painted pumpkin, check out these other pumpkin carving ideas:DIY house number PumpkinDoily pumpkin CraftMod hodgepodge card pumpkin nautical pumpkin craft

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