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Simple Rock painting ideas for the kindness rocks Project

you need rock painting ideas for the dissemination of rocks around your neighborhood, or the friendliness of the tor project? Here’s inspiration and tips!PS – scroll to the bottom of the post to a video with my top-of-the-rock-painting-tips! To keep you’ll want these in mind as you pursue your projects, trust me. ­čśÇ Rock paintings is large in these days – and I totally get it. You’ve got a kind of’s smallest canvases to decorate them, and endless combinations of colors, markers and embellishments. If you paint a rock that you want to don’t, you can just click on the next train.we’t have even gotten to the part where you can, painted rocks around your neighborhood and put a smile on someone’s face (have you heard of the kindness rocks-project?) kindness rocks-projectIf you heard of haven’t of them, kindness rocks, a viral trend! Maybe you&#'ve 8217;ve seen flying around a painted rock, in a random-public-property location – that’s very likely a kindness rock.It started with the friendliness of the tor project and the order of the “life is a message at exactly the right moment, someone’s all day, outlook, can change.” randomly, I'm totally behind this mission.The kindness Rock project is the thing to paint which started me rock in the first place – and now I’m hooked. I’ve painted so many rocks that I have a lot of ideas (and tips!) for you. a Simple Rock paintingBefore we dive into the rocks to paint, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions for you. These are important to know, before you start, and give you a General idea of what to expect.How do you prepare yourself on the rocks for painting?All you need is a mild soap, water and a sieve (and really, the screen is also optional, but makes it easier). Place the stones in the strainer, turn the water on and rinse.RUB it to remove any rock with a little mild soap and dirt, then rinse it again. You can leave the screen to dry, or place them on a towel on your counter. If you’re desperate really, to get started, you can also use a hair dryer.acrylic paint on the rocks?Absolutely! Acrylic color paintings to your best friend for rocky. You’ll want something that is designed for outdoor use, or multi-surface.use What is the best color to the rocks?Funny you should ask! My favorite use of color for the rocks FolkArt's multi-surface. Diamonds also carries a FolkArt Outdoor paint and Apple Barrel multi-surface paint, which I love.I find that the FolkArt has several times the surface of my favorite colors, but all three lines are perfect. The Apple barrel is ideal for children’ rocks, because it’s inexpensive yet long-lasting.How to seal rocks painted?I love this question – with Mod-hodgepodge, of course! Outdoor Mod hodgepodge is my favorite for this purpose, and then a spray sealer. I think that the extra durability with the two of them together makes the rocks extra tough – and the colors are long-lasting. How to Paint stonesLet’s get to the instructions! First, you’re going to have to cave paintings, and I’ve listed for you below.Collect These SuppliesRocks – to beautify the more flat and smooth, the betterMod hodgepodge of outdoor folkart Multi-surface paint marker, the surface of your rocks – I recommend Pebeo Vitrea markers or oil based Sharpies (you, the acrylic paint too), brush (and a detail brush for writing)can Brush-on or spray clear sealerstep One: clean brings all the dirt from your rock, if you are outside. Michaels sells flat river rocks, which makes it easy, because the flat rocks can be REALLY hard to find!step Two: Decide whether you look at the color of the rocks, or to write to you directly. If you want to paint, go to step three. If you write directly on the rocks, prep-the-rocks-with the brush-on or spray clear sealer.you won’t want to use the Mod-smorgasbord in the Free to prep, because it doesn’t take markers very well. Your oil-based Sharpies, especially get your tips ruined very easily without this prep-step! step Three: Set your color in a palette and get the painting on your rocks! I found that most of the rocks needed only a few layers of the paint. you can Paint one side, allow to dry, then flip and paint the other side. Once you are done painting, let everything dry.step Four: If you do didn’t, the sealing-off of Two-step, as they painted, now’s time. Trust me. step Five. Beautify your stones with sayings, designs, or whatever you like. I made the aqua dots with the end of a brush! step Six: Once your rocks are dry, coat them with Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge! Be more layers and allow to drylet I had a great time, the decorations, get my rocks – it’s hard to my favorite. I hope that these rock painting ideas that will amaze you. remember to take into account when you set your rocks. Don’t let them in private homes or businesses without asking, and the National Parks/National Forests are off-limits, due to their “Leave no trace” policy. There are too many other places to find your fabulous pieces!Ready to get my top tips for painting rocks? Check out the video below – just press “PLAY”:

If you are looking for love rock painting and more, check out our 10 simple painted rocks! You’re going to love these ideas . . . you just click on the image below:

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