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Simple Gold-beads-heart-DIY necklace

This beaded heart DIY necklace combines two unlikely colors – aqua and gold – with a Mod collection and micro-beads for unique jewelry-look.

I’m a hugenormous fan of Martha Stewart’s micro-beads, which is why you’re in today’s DIY necklace project! I’ve used the micro beads on bangles, rings and pendants. I have every single color, if you have something to tell you. When I have decided “My Valentine” I knew that I wanted to add, DIY necklace, the crafty collection – and I thought gold would go perfectly with aqua.
It’to come t take long with this fabric pendant necklace and you’re doing to make love for yourself, because it is SO simple. You’ll want to<, for all your friends.br>Gold beaded heart DIY necklace
Collect These Supplies

2″ wooden pendant base DIY bracelets
Martha Stewart acrylic paint – wedding cakes
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Martha Stewart micro beads – Florentine Gold
fabric in aqua
craft glue
- scissors
Push pin
silver findings to make a necklace – Jump ring and chain

color of the pendant with white. They give several layers and allow to drylet.br> While your pendant is dry, coat your fabric with Mod hodgepodge Mat. You don’t substance Mod the hodgepodge of use, because it’s a piece of jewelry (if it’s all you have, you can use it). Remember that the Mod-hodgepodge will help the fabric from fraying when you cut.
Paint Mod patchwork Mat on the top of your pendant. Make sure it’s a relatively thick skin.
you are Smoothing the fabric down over the pendant. Keep smoothing until the fabric is down on the entire trailer. If Mod smorgasbord comes from the sides, just wipe it away with your brush. Allow it to dry.
Cut the fabric very tightly around the pendant. If some of the edges, only re-applying the Mod-hodgepodge, smooth out and allow to dry.
Use a pen, press the pendant hole. and move it around, make it wider.
you Place your followers in an area, where you can catch the micro beads and then a bit of craft glue heart (I did it free-hand).
Sprinkle the micro beads on the glue. Let the glue dry for several hours and then knock off the excess micro beads. Add to end of the results.
See, your new necklace:

A gift? Maybe. But in any case, these DIY make a necklace for yourself. Either way, click below to have more fun aqua valentine projects.

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