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Simple DIY pen holder for children

You can make a simple pencil holder for kids with Tree supplied of dollars! Each can of this project in three simple steps. Learn how here!

Today I finished work on a new craft, but for my son this time. My little guy loves to draw and his art supplies, especially his crayons, markers, and regular lead-all pins are over the place. I wanted to help to create containers to keep you organized.
a few months Ago, I have to section me one of these cardboard containers at the Dollar Tree in the party. I wanted to make something with one, but that wasn’t know what.
Then I have an idea, make a pencil holder for my son. I’m doing his room in a nautical theme, and these will go perfect there.
DIY-pencil-holder for children
Supplies For this project, you’re going to:

Cardboard tubes
Scrapbook paper
Matt Mod hotchpotch
foam brush
decorative rope

First steps
Once I decided what I wanted to do with the, I had already, I ran to the Dollar tree and grabbed two more. I went through my scrapbook paper and have my son pick up his favorite pattern.
; loyal” Mod-collection and a few colors to get started!

step 1 – Add your Scrapbook paper
First of all, I drew the bow on the front, then I measured my scrapbook paper. Once I had the perfect size I have a little Mod-hodgepodge around the container. I didn’t need to add much.
around the container, then a little more Mod-hodgepodge, to hold the end in place.

step 2 – Paint the top of the lid
next, I painted the tops of the containers. I only needed two layers to you. Let each layer dry for 20 minutes.

step 3 – Attach Decorative rope
Finally, I wanted to add a bit of decorative rope to the top. I painted on a thick layer of Mod-smorgasbord and began to wound them. The Mod smorgasbord held it in place perfectly!
As you can see I still have a chalkboard label on the front. I really wasn’t a big fan of how it turned out. But that may be an option you like.
- cut
After you have supplied all of them were finished, I had my son collect his art!! These are perfect for him.
Here you are on with the lid.
These are good for him and me. Now I’m not going to see his art all the supplies on the floor in his room (hopefully)!
I have so many more great ideas for his new room. I can wait’t, in order to get started and share with everyone the progress. I’m sure, will do it a few more Mod hodgepodge of craft!
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