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Simple Crackle pumpkin decor in Three Easy steps

You can create unique pumpkin-setup in just three easy steps! All you need is a fake, gourd, acrylic paint, and crackle medium. So easy!

I don’t have the best history with pumpkin crafts. In particular, I have destroyed a couple of fake pumpkins in my time. I tend to have a heavy hand, so sawing and punching holes in them has had some negative results in the past (picture wearing a fake pumpkin on the end of your hand, and not with intention).
So I think I pumpkins this year’m going to stick with only painting and decoupaging. And that’s exactly what I did with this autumn pumpkin crafts.
The fun of this craft is that technically, you could form a couple of messages with the acrylic, and you change, if you want to. So it’s not just for the holidays, my friends! Here’s, I like this beautiful autumn decorated pumpkin.
DIY pumpkin decor
Collect These Supplies

Fake pumpkin, any size
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod hodgepodge acrylic shapes – basics, 2
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
FolkArt acrylic paints autumn leaves, forest moss, Pure Gold
FolkArt Crackle Medium
Scrapbook paper of your choice
decorative brads – 2
Baker's twine
self-Adhesive alphabet letters
- scissors
utility knife

know My pumpkin was, so I painted it with leaves in the autumn. If your pumpkin is orange (or you want to know), you can skip this step.
Now you’re using the crackle Medium. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle of whatever you buy . . . You don’t all work the same. For me, I painted a medium layer all over and let it dry for several hours . . . then I got down and did the same.
I thought this would be difficult, but it wasn’t at all! Color medium/thick layer of Forest moss on top of the crackle Medium. You should see it works now!
Don ' T you go back over the area with the brush once it crackled (or mind). Paint the entire pumpkin in this way, and let it dry completely and to hear the crack. Let dry.
While your pumpkin is drying, choose your acrylic shapes (I used a variety). You draw on the back of your scrapbook paper and cut out the shapes.
you Apply the paper to the back of the acrylic shapes Mod smorgasbord and let it dry.
Add shapes their self-adhesive letters on the front of the acrylic. Dimensional magic, apply across the front of the acrylic shapes (including letters) and let it dry.
To finish, paint your pumpkin with Mod patchwork Mat and allow to dry. Then the rows of the acrylic shapes on the baker's twine through, tie a knot in each Form.
define how the letters hang on the front of the pumpkin and cut a small slit at each end, where they hang out (you can go crazy puncture the pumpkin with a craft knife but don’t end up with him on the hand).
keep your decorative brads in the slots and wrap the baker's twine around each brad. Cut the baker's twine – your pumpkin is ready for display.
are you ready to rock and roll. And by that I mean rake the leaves, roasted chestnuts and drink hot cocoa by a fire. Hello colder weather!

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