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Simple Burlap Personalized Photo Bookmarks

Make some personalized photo bookmarks with your favorite Instagram photos! These are the perfect gift to do idea – and so easy.
I love to read – but with all my days are so busy, sometimes I don't press recognize the pillow in the night, that I have not cracked a book open all day. I love getting caught up in a good story, and I have the feeling that reading will definitely increase my brainpower. So, I've read it's one of my new year's resolutions again!
This project is the perfect gift for the person in your life who LOVES to read or has promised to reading in the New year. Make some personalized photo DIY-bookmarks, and you can also find gift vouchers for books. This is a gift that I could give me! Here
Collect Personalized photo bookmarks
These Supplies:

for printer and ink
HP Iron-On Transfers
Mod hodgepodge Matt
photos of your choice
iron and Ironing Board
- scissors
ribbon or ric-rac
awl or something to poke a hole in it, with

to Use to organize a program like PowerPoint and crop your photos. I chose a large photo and cropped it to approximately 1.4" x 6.5". I also have a photo strip with my Instagram photos. I imported them into PowerPoint and reduced to 1.3" square, then five stacked on top of each other.
TIP#1: If you have any photos with words in them, you will want to invert these photos on the computer, so that you can read the text when it is printed.
Print your photos in color onto the iron-On transfer paper with your HP printer.
trim your photos exactly on the edges with a pair of scissors.
follow the instructions on the package to iron the transfers onto the fabric. Use the highest setting on your iron, and it takes about three minutes.
TIP #2: Remember to move the iron around, back and forth over the transfer.
If the iron is cooled, slowly peel it from the fabric. The fabric on the iron, so that a cool design!
Mod smorgasbord of over the top of the photos plus approximately 1" around each edge.
TIP #3: Make sure you Mod hodgepodge that the extra inches around the edge. You will do this so that you can cut the photo strips, fraying without you.
let it Dry for about 20 minutes. Then cut around the photo strip, leaving about ½ - inch of fabric showing on each edge.
Add a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of each fabric strip.
you Place the photo strips, Mod smorgasbord-side down, onto strips of burlap and smooth. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then cut so that approximately ½ inch of burlap around each edge. Leave a little more at the top.
Use your awl to pierce a hole in the burlap – move it slightly, the hole is wider.
Press to make the center of your ribbon or ric rac through the hole, make a loop; thread both ends of ribbon or ric rac through the loop and cinch down.
This personalized photo bookmarks make great gifts!
, What images would you sign on your personalized photo reading? Who are you to would a gift to this project? We would love for you to get your own version of this project, and share it in our exchange of ideas!

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