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Shrinky-Dink-jewelry: necklace and earrings

If you know aren’t, what is the mother’, for mother;s day, you might want this Shrinky-Dink jewelry. You can add Dimensional Magic!

gifts for mom are really hard. I never know what my Mama for mother’s day, because you can buy anything you want, even.
This is why hand-made Shrinky-Dink jewelry is a great gift for my mom. I can adapt to what she likes and know that you have doesn’t anything else like it . . . and even if I’m 36 years old, she appreciates my crafts as gifts!
I love using Shrinky Dinks in my crafts, and I've been trying to look upscale in this. How do you think I have? If you want to, this DIY necklace and earrings set for a special person in your life (or for yourself), read the instructions below.
Shrinky-Dink jewelry
Collect These Supplies

shrink-crafts-film – I used Shrinky Dinks shrink plastic in almond
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
paint markers – I used Sakura Permapaque
Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive stencil, Fair Isle Dots
jewelry findings – 2 ear hooks, 1 large jump-ring and 1 necklace silver
Circle cutter or other circle-shaped elements a template
3/4" hole punch
jewel glue

you must first cut your shrink plastic in three circles – a larger one for the chain and two smaller ones for the earrings.
to do this, use either a circle cutter or you can find the budget to keep track of goods. I used a funnel for the chain and a glass lid for the earrings.
The elements on the surface of the shrink plastic and trace. Please note that the plastic shrinks to 1/3 of its current size (make sure to completely read the instructions on your packaging).
Carefully cut the plastic with scissors. Watch for shaky hands (I Choose your stencil adhesive and place it on the plastic.
Use your paint Marker to color in the stencil design. You pull up the stencil and allow the paint marker to dry. Do not touch the paint for several minutes or lubricate it. Repeat on both the large circle and two smaller circles until you find the design you like. Remember that the color will darken when the plastic shrinks.
tip: your stencils may Rest a little marker ink on them, but they are perfectly fine to use for the painting!
a hole in the chain with the punch. Do not forget this step, because you can’t do it later! I wanted to go back a frosted on the chain, but I decided to dig them (so that you don’t, this circle is in the finished project).
you bake the shrink tube from plastic according to the packaging. I had a piece of cardboard on a pizza stone. I’m not sure what I did.
Apply Dimensional magic over the top of the necklace and earring circles. Let it dry for several hours. Apply a second coat of Dimensional Magic (if desired) and let dry overnight.
Attach the earring backs to the earring circles using jewel glue, and let dry for several hours.
Attach the jump ring and the chain to the collar and let them dry for several hours before gifting.
I hope my mom likes them Shrinky-Dink jewelry! What you – think; what are you doing for mom this year?

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