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Scrap wood projects: DIY coffee Bar sign

This DIY coffee bar sign project is EASY! Anyone can do it. You’ll use a piece of scrap wood, some vinyl lettering in your favorite font and color. Seal everything with a layer of Mod-smorgasbord.

I have a TON of scrap piece of wood in my shed that I store projects. You never know what the other scrap wood projects that you can do with him. I’ve been working on the remodel of my kitchen and one of the first things I wanted to do, was a Café-bar area. I had everything set up, but I thought it needed a cute DIY coffee bar sign.
Find reclaimed wood
Before we dive into the project, I wanted to you a couple of sources for scrap wood. My goal in the production of these types of characters is always to get the wood for free. As far as I’ve successfully, because it seems everyone has scraps, the gift you’d love to. Here are some good sources:

pallets from behind grocery stores
hardware store
Big box home improvement store – are looked at; issues in the vicinity of the area
job sites
dumpster behind woodworking shops
neighbor or friend’s scrap pile of wood (just ask!)

of Course, anywhere where get them out of the wood, be sure to ask before you take it and also be careful (as in the case of a construction site). Make sure you treat the wood with gloves, if it could be, nails, and hold some sandpaper on the hand, if the wood is a little rough, and you need to flatten it.
Once I grabbed the perfect size piece of wood, I started! Here’s how.
Make a DIY coffee Barreport br / >Collect These Supplies

acrylic paint
Mod hodgepodge of Clear acrylic Sealer
Silhouette Cameo
self adhesive vinyl
Clear transfer tape for vinyl
piece of wood, of any size
sandpaper (optional)

First steps
As you can see, I've been testing this wood, some of the colors. Obviously has good’t work. 😉 So, it's time to paint over.

step 1 – Paint your Board
I Have a pretty dark blue as the background color of my design. If I reveal finally a kitchen post on my blog, you will see this blue it’s an accent color in the kitchen.
I painted a total of two layers and let it dry for 20 minutes.

step 2 – Band pages
I wanted to show the pages that the pretty blue color, so I added a couple of “handy dandy” washi tape on the edges, and glued them. This washi tape is used as a resist.

step 3 – Create your template,
I have my “loyal” Silhouette Cameo to cut out my wording for the sign, and basically you make a stencil for painting. I found an amazing font that matched my coffee cups (moon flower).
If you have any questions about the cut with your Silhouette Cameo, let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to help!

step 4 – Add letters
I have to transfer my text to the Board with transfer paper, so that you can be sure that you smooth down. You want to make sure that the vinyl sticks to the board very well, so if you paint it, it won’t bleed through.

step 5 – Add a Final Coat of Paint
I painted over the whole sign with white chalk paint. I have a total of two layers and let each layer dry for 20 minutes.

Then I decided to lightly brush some gray chalk paint on the top. Only to see it a “old”.

step 6 – Drag letters From
the fun part is!!!!!
After you have dried your color, it’s time to pull out the letters and you will see your work!

step 7 – sealing with Mod-hodgepodge
Finally, I had to seal my characters. I have some “loyal”Mod hodgepodge of Clear acrylic Sealer. I have a total of two layers, letting each dry hour. This works great to keep my shield protected.
Aren’t scrap wood projects that are fun?

Now I’m ready to have my “But First . . . Coffee ” sign!!! I think it turned out pretty cute.
I plan to hang it on the wall with some command strips. I don't use this all the time, I like to put holes in the wall, if I don’t to. It also helps so that I can add, don’t need to hook on the back of my characters!
This DIY coffee bar sign was probably one of the quickest I've made. I plan to make a few more for my kitchen soon. Stay tuned!
Let me know your favourite pieces-wood-projects in the comments!

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