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To make jewelry with Mod-hodgepodge mold & amp; Melts

Create your own decoupage jewelry the easy way, with Mod hodgepodge of forms and Melts! This tutorial is for a cute flower necklace and ring.

Until now, I’m hoping that you’ve heard of the Mod melts and forms the program from my friends Cathie and Steve, but if you haven’t, let me introduce you!Mod patchwork mold & MeltsBasically, the jist is that you Mod Melts sticks in your hot glue gun and melt them in Mod Molds – create your own ornaments. Cool, right?These ornaments can be painted, decoupaged, crackled, sparked . . . to do pretty much anything you want with them.It’s pretty amazing. You can reuse the forms over and over, also. I want to show you how I melt in the mold, and mold to my own jewelry. Read on to learn how I did it!DIY jewelry with Mod moldsCollect These Supplies - Dimensional MagicMod hodgepodge Podgeable metal BlanksMod hodgepodge Podgeable Designer CharmsMod Hodge-podge Mod mold – FlowersMod Mod-melting mishmash milk glass folkart acrylic paint – citrus Green, Paris pink folkart Extreme Glitter – HologramMod hodgepodge gloss scrapbook paper – pattern of your choice jewelry glueJewelry results – necklace chain and jump ring rhinestones – two small tracing paperPencilScissorsHot glue gunpaint brush jewelry tools – optional
Select the forms you want to use, from your Mod hodgepodge mold. I opted for a larger flower, a smaller flower and two leaves.Then the use of a warmed up hot glue applicator, spread the milk glass melts in the Mod Mold shapes of your choice (read the package, if you need). Fill in the entire Form and let it cool.Can you simply pop the embellishment of the shape and cut when you need to! Paint the shapes with the FolkArt colors of your choice. As soon as you are dry, add the Extreme glitter to the top. I then made a really fun, by the gluing of rhinestones in the center of the two flowers with the jewel glue. Decorate your trailer, first track, its blank with transparent paper and a pencil. You can even use a piece of paper of computer when you want, but the tracing paper is a bit nicer, because it’s slim. you can Use the tracing-paper shape that you created to cut out the scrapbook paper to fit in the trailer. If it does not fit, trim it until it works. Decoupage your scrapbook paper to the inside of the trailer. Let dry. paint a top coat of Mod-smorgasbord on the paper and let dry again. Add the Dimensional magic to their followers. Place Mod smorgasbord of Designer charms in the wet Dimensional magic and allow to dry. you Glue your smaller flower in the lower left corner of the pendant with Mod smorgasbord of jewel Glue to add a leaf on both sides. Glue your larger flower to the ring blank.
I LOVE the Mod melts and molds for jewelry. Also, I’m surprised at how quickly I from these projects. Amazing, yay! I hope you enjoy your DIY necklace and ring. Personalize with any scrapbook papers, or colors of your choice – this is the fun part.If you love this project, I’ve got some other crafts with Mod hodgepodge of forms and Melts, you may be interested in:20 Cute crafts with Mod MeltsEasy planner clips decorative Push pins Fleur de Lis Ring Bar

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