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Decorate a chair made of wood with paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

you Have a wooden stool that needs a makeover? I have this decorative head occurs with pretty paper and Mod-hodgepodge. To do it’s really EASY!skills Required: beginner. This is a simple project, but you should work in front of the crafting experience/Mod-hodgepodge. Read the instructions before beginning, especially if your paper is thinner. Happy spring, friends! I'm sooo happy to finally have spring. It’s such a long winter! And I especially love these flowers-paper I found at Dick Blick, reminds me of spring. To Tinker I'm definitely ready to flower again!wooden stoolI found these itty bitty wooden stool in an antique store a few years ago, and I am ready finally to give it a little makeover. Before we dig in, I wanted to chair you some tips for the preparation and decoupaging your wood. These are my secrets to success, so make sure to read them first!the wood-stool for DecoupageI have a complete guide to preparing furniture for decoupage, and to get in this article I in the nitty gritty, something like a wooden stool ready for Mod Podging.you Give the summary, you’re going to clean the dirt, fill sand, stain, and then paint it with acrylic paint, if you want to. This wooden stool was just cleaned up and beaten-looking surface was left as-is. On paperOn my flowers-DIY-wardrobe, I have a very similar paper have a bar, and I’m suggesting, You could with my bottle trick in this project as well. You’ll use a spray bottle to mist the paper before cutting, so that it is easier, with no wrinkles.Mist the paper until it’s just wet. Don’t enjoy it or it will tear easily. After you mist the paper, then you can promise with a Mod collection and I, that it was smooth much easier!Be careful with the paper and handle it with care . . . but you can still use a brayer to smooth, and you’ll be fine. Remember that with a Mod patchwork and paper, practice makes perfect!Where to Buy paperI have two favorite places to buy paper – paper supply and Dick Blick. You have absolutely beautiful papers, which they call “gift Box.” I think, technically, you could pack them as a gift, but all I have papers that I can use for decoupage crafts are see! They are a little thicker than normal wrapping paper, this is why I don't like to forget you (the nice pattern).Are you ready to “beautifying” their decorative stepladder? Keep reading!DIY chair made of wood Mod hodgepodge Matt (furniture Mod smorgasbord is even better!)Paint brush, patterned paper, or CardstockPencilScissorsBrayer or plastic spatula to get started, turn your wooden stool upside down and trace-patterned paper. With a pair of scissors, cut your paper down to the right size. I cut an additional 1/4 inch off each side, so I had a little space between the paper and the edge, but you can cut it with the full length, if it’s what you want!Keep in mind, if you choose to moisten the paper, you may have a bit of overlap over the edge. That’s wet because the paper expands a little when it’s. It won’t shrink back down, if it’s Mod Podged so you can cut the edges with a cutter knife. Next, use your brush and Mod hodgepodge Mat, a thin layer at the top of your step stool. Do the same on the back of the patterned paper, and then place the paper on your stool. you can Use a plastic spatula to smooth the surface to get rid of all air bubbles.Add a layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the dry up in your chair and let it complete. Add a second layer if desired. Because I want to be this wooden stool is functional and not just for looks, I added about three layers at the top, waiting for the Mod-pick-and-mix to dry between each layer.I Have a Mat Mod hodgepodge, but you can definitely use a gloss if you want a beautiful Shine on your project! If you find that you are particularly hard on your chair, I’T use multiple layers of additional sealant such as Minwax Polycrylic.In most cases, Mod hodgepodge is good enough, as a final sealer (especially furniture Mod smorgasbord). The only Problem, if you think you’re going to spill or dirt on it – then you might need something extra as a top coat for clean-ability. That’s it! Super easy, and I love how my wooden stool become! Such a beautiful reminder of the spring, don’tcha think? My little wooden stool is now happily hanging in my living room. I also use it in my pantry when I need to grab, just slightly out of reach. It’s cute and functional!for More Mod-the hodgepodge of projects and tutorials, visit my blog at www.natalme.com!XOXOXO

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