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Treasure box of Gold St. Patrick's Day decor

Learn how to make a green and glitter-gold-treasure chest for St. Patrick’s Day decor! Filled with gold coins and candy. So easy! Between Valentine’s Day and Easter, it is a fun holiday, called St. Patrick’s day, which is often overlooked. I say that tongue-in-cheek, but seriously . . . if you look at a lot of craft sites, and sometimes there is a tendency to just skip right over the green, glitter, gold, fizzy drinks and goblins!This year I wanted to make some fun St. Patrick’s Day decor, GLITTERS, because I love the use of gold during the holidays. I’m not really a gold person, but it’s a time and a place – and holiday décor is definitely a time and a place for me.I’m not really a gold person, but it’s a time and a place – and holiday décor is definitely a time and a place for me.In terms of my St. Patrick’s Day decor inspiration, it actually started with this amazing Duck Tape: If you aren’t familiar with this beautiful Duck Tape, it brings sparkly to a whole new level! Not only that – there’s not a mess. So you can glitter to your heart’s content and not worry about pick up later.When I first discovered this duck tape, I thought, that St. Patrick’s day immediately (since it’s coming next on the holiday-shed-yule), and then I thought of gold coins. And that’s exactly what I do at the end with this Band.I’m excited to share this chest of gold coins, because it is not only easy to use, but you can set it up to use it for a table centerpiece or mantle . . . AND the kids can help make it.The wood coins are very easy to do, and who opens the St. Patrick’s Day decoration, not only the treasure, but also candy! Because goblins are always full of surprises ;d Let me show you exactly how I made it!DIY treasure chestCollect These Supplieswood-chest – I got mine from Michael wood circles, 1″ – about 25 or soGold Glitter Duck tape-acrylic paint –) bright green and gold scissors craft knife and matPaintbrushesSmall tool Set (to remove the hardware Painter’s tape (optional) This is the wood treasure chest, we started from Michaels. It looked like something that would enjoy a Goblin to me! Start by carefully removing the leather strap and the brads that go over the top of the chest.pull it out with pliers. Then you remove the top of the chest with a small screwdriver. This only makes the chest to paint easier.to lose the pieces aside in a place you won’t. Paint the top of the chest, with its bright green color. Let it dry, and paint the inside. You’ll want to paint the base as well. Paint carefully to the (non-removable) the hardware on the base, or use the painter ’s tape to cover it up. I'm going to leave that up to you. While your chest dries, paint the edges of the wood circles with gold. It only takes a few minutes – and you can use the paint bottles to help you, as you dry! If the coins are dry, cover both sides with gold glitter Duck Tape. We put a circle on the Duck Tape, cut it with a cutter knife, and then repeat on the other side. You can do this with scissors as well. After everything was dry, we re-assembed the chest and then the gold glitter Duck Tape in place of the leather strap!! This was just cutting a piece in the middle – the use of the other half of the piece on the other side of the trunk.you’ll want to wrap the duck tape around the trunk, as shown in the figure, and then use it to cut the cutter blade when you open the trunk. We then put the brads directly back to their holes on our St. Patrick’s day treasure chest. At this point, you can quit or you can add some shamrocks to your tribe by cutting them from gold glitter Duck Tape.to do this, simply place a piece of duck tape on a cutting pad, a piece of clip art on the top, and cut them out. Then you peel off the Form and stick to the chest. inside the treasure chest? We placed the gold coins mixed with gold-candy! Isn’t that a fun surprise? You just have to tell your guests what’s is edible and what’s not. Let them go on a treasure hunt to find it! Who doesn’t love St. Patrick's decorations with a surprise inside?? If you love our funny little leprechaun, the Nutcracker – he’s of Michael's. We have him on the breast. He gives candy out of his trunk to anyone who asks politely!This St. Patrick’s Day decor is so fun for kids but also for adults. We have it on display, and everyone NEEDS to know what’s inside! It’s so much fun. Happy St. Patrick’s day!If you enjoyed this St. Patrick’s Day, check out these other holiday ideas, you also might like:good luck charm bracelet decoupage-St. Patrick’s day wreath easy Green yarn Vase20 Free St. Patrick’s day printable easy Leprechaun mask

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