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Santa Magic Key Craft (No Chimney Friendly!)

If you don’t have to come down a chimney for Santa Claus, these Santa magic key craft will allow him to come in and leave his presents! To make it’s so easy.

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa from Our savings ideas are seeds here to share a last minute Christmas idea – a magic Santa key! I know that everyone probably has everything you need, ready for the holidays, but this is something many people need and may not even know it yet.
you have to come down a chimney for Santa Claus to? We don’t, and my 5 year old was VERY sad about that.
guess what showed up at our door one day? The magic glitter (free printable on my blog). This “magic glitter” is so cool, because if you have it enabled on a key, Santa’s Christmas magic.
On Christmas eve, the magic makes the key fit your door and open it for him or her to visit your home. Who wants to me a virtual hug right now?!

Metal Skeleton Key (I bought for $1.50 at Michael's in the last week)
“Magic Glitter” (and a free printable for the arrival)
Mod hodgepodge of Glitter
foam brush
wood gift Tags

stamps & other embellishments

I started by removing the ribs you can attach a piece of decorative paper to the size of my largest gift to-day, and then with the sparkle Mod conglomeration, the paper in place. Let dry.
Then on my second smaller gift tag, I used stamps and set of Santa’s name.
on the key and the magic word!! We started with the sparkle Mod hodgepodge again, because the more sparkle, the better! I decided just to make it to the top of the key.
Quickly after putting on the Mod-hodgepodge, sprinkle your “magic glitter” over the top, the Mod-pick-and-mix until it is completely covered. Let it sit until completely dried, and then tap off the excess.
that Once both tags are dry, I put the smaller on the upper side of the large and strung some twine thru both hooks you.
Then I got a red ribbon, only until the big day and used the cord to connect the tags to the button. Tie it all in place, and there you have it – your magic Santa key-craft of course, had to help the children, especially a little glitter on the whole thing, just to be safe, it would the key work.
you also made me promise to let them place need the bag of excess glitter on the outside just in case Santa more to make it work.
I’m hoping that with all this, you will be comfortable with the idea of Santa being able to get into the house on Christmas eve to eat, its cookies, and let his own Christmas to celebrate!

I wouldlove for you to follow along with my social media where I share TONS of funny ideas and cute pics of my kids!br>Here’to do a fun Christmas craft you can enjoy with your kids: salt dough Christmas tree ornaments. They also act as gift tags and are so much fun to make. Click on the image below:

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