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Revamp a Clip lamp with a piece of fabric Mod conglomeration of rocks

An old, beloved clip lamp give it a face lift with fabric and Mod-hodgepodge! It’s a very simple and budget-friendly project – and you’ll love the results!

Hello, everyone! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life, and I'm here today to share a fun flashlight tag with Mod hodgepodge of furniture Shine.
This small pink plastic clip-lamp that I've had for years! I have it in my office and in the bedroom there is a light book for years.
In the course of time, it is scuffed a little, and I've been wanting to paint it or cover it. So, I finally decided it was long decided over due for a facelift and cover it with a piece of a vintage tablecloth I had a heap in my scrap. Check it out!
Decorate a Clip lamp
Here’s What you Need:

Clip-on lamp
Mod hodgepodge of furniture-gloss
table Rest, or a fabric of your choice
ceiling hot glue gun and hot glue

The first thing you need to do is collect your lamp and clean the surface well and dry it completely.
Take your fabric and place it on top of the lampshade. You pull it tight around the lamp. Keep track of the line where the shade meets the metal area with the pencil to cut the arc you need. Next, take the fabric and cut along the line, where they moved in the arc.
brush a layer of decoupage medium onto the lampshade.
Press the fabric on the shade and smooth it. Make sure you line up the cut arc around the area where the shade meets the metal. Press and smooth the fabric around the shade.
If you are to the side, where the stem is, cut a notch out of the fabric with a pair of scissors. The ends overlap each other clean and smooth.
Now, your shadow is supposed to be covered with fabric, and the fabric should be clean and aligned with the small end of the shade, where you on the metal, and then it should tissue, on the opposite edge or opening of the shade.
Now you need to trim the opening up of the shadows. Cut the fabric as close as possible to the shadows as you can. I have my embroidery scissors for this step. Attach a strip of fabric to the coupler under the shadow.
Once the medium is dried, you are ready to your gang. Run a bead of hot glue around the bottom edge of the shade and glue some ribbon, then do the same with the opening of the shade. I used a 1″ wide ribbon and glued it on the outside and then folded it into the inside.
I really love how my lamp turned out! It looks adorable clipped to my side table in the bedroom, and now it actually fits with the decoration in my room!
This lamp revamp was seriously easy to do, and it was quick to whip up too. It took about an hour. I love how versatile this project is!br you can really adapt it to your style simply by the use of the substance. So, if you are an old clip lamp, give it a little update with some fresh material. You’ll love it!
If you’re interested in a version that uses a bit of color, check out our decorated Desk lamp. You still can! smaller scraps on this project Just click here:

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