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Retro Halloween-DIY-Light Switch Covers

Take advantage of our free printable unique DIY light switch covers, add Halloween flair to your home! You’re love the retro graphics.

Hi guys! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty, and I'm here today to share a fun and super makes life easy-Halloween-DIY with all of you. I love to decoupage my light switch covers in my house to extra a little bit of fun at my place.
I also love how easy they are to make and to change! I have a few that are covered with vintage Wallpaper, which I love to use every day, but I thought it would be fun to cover a switch plate for Halloween.
So, I'm going to show you how I mean, and I'm also a printable that you can print and make, just like me, if you like.
DIY-light switch covers
Here’s What you Need:

light switch plate (Single)
Printable Halloween or any Halloween-print, or paper that you like
Mod hodgepodge Matte or Glossy (depending on which surface you like best)
utility knife
Mod hodgepodge Glow in the Dark Medium

The first thing you have to do is print the Halloween-kitty-printable "or" collect your own print and cut it to size. If you a different paper, you have to measure the switch plate and cut the paper to the same dimension. My printable has been adjusted for a basic single light switch.
is to cut your pattern, cut to size, you are ready. You paint a nice thin layer of your Mod hodgepodge Medium on the front face of the switchplate. I have Matt Mod smorgasbord.
Now in the middle of and put to print, the wet side of the plate at the bottom center on the back. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.
Clip the edges, make them easier to fold on the back. Then, a little bit of painting medium to the back side of the paper on one side. Smooth on the page and then on the back.
Do the same with the other three sides to overlap for a time, the corners as you go. You should now be adhered to your print-complete-plate on the front encloses the edges on the back neat.
you Take the knife in your cutter and cut open a “x” in the light switch. Paint a little funds on the four pieces and fold back and smooth out on the back of the switch plate. Now you can have a layer of matte or gloss medium to paint to seal over the top of the paper. Set aside to dry.
you can also put your switch plate only, as it is now, or you can go a step further and add a bit of Shine in the dark medium for fun. I painted the kitten in the eyes and the pumpkin faces with a couple of layers of Mod-hodgepodge Glow in the Dark Medium.
I was not able to find a good, non-blurry photo of the switch panel in the dark, but it is really no Shine. It is subtle, because I painted like a small detail, but you can see a little Shine from my light switch in the night, which is pretty cute.
covers I love my Halloween-light switch! I'm just now getting my Halloween decoration, and I know that this small plate is still a lot of fun to my living room this season.
Although we never have any trick or treaters, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate. I hope you guys give this a try this Halloween, I think you will also love

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