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Recycling-Christmas-Holiday-Card - Decorative - Mod Conglomeration Of Rocks

I never know what to do with old Christmas cards. With a little Mod-smorgasbord, you can turn them into the Recycling-Christmas-holiday-card set up!

Hi, I’m Becky from the creativity, Free, and honored that Amy asked me to make a guest appearance on the Mod hodgepodge rock.
The truth is, Amy's right, Mod smorgasbord will surely rock . . . here’s a current project that will show you why . . .
We get a LOT of Chrimstas cards every year! I love to read and hang . . . yadda, yadda, yadda. But the question is . . . what do you do with them, the holiday season is over????
Umm . . .why don't ALL of you come for a holiday decor piece for the next few years???? Recycling-Christmas-holiday-card set up!
What to Do with old Christmas cards

canvas (I have 18 x 24)
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Christmas cards
scissors (Optional)
printer (and internet access)

Come and visit us and bookmark Free creativity! Hope you enjoyed today’s project . . .
be inspired today,


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